Fantasy Faire … of Myst & Light

Two more days to visit the 9 themed sims that make up Fantasy Faire 2011.  According to the Fantasy Faire website, the dollars raised yesterday increased the total amount raised to $16,000 USD.   If I’m not mistaken the goal is $20,000 USD.  Because of the commitment of the wonderful SL community, Friends Fighting Cancer (FFC) — sponsor of the Fantasy Faire 2011 — is well on its way to make that goal in the two days remaining…with all the wonderful events and gorgeous creations in the FFC Vendors (where 100% of the proceeds goes to the American Cancer Society).

Speaking of FFC vendor items where 100% goes to the cause, today I showcase two such wonderfully lovely creations:  the updated “Aquamer” skin line from Plastik and the gorgeous “Serenade Gown” from Caverna Obscura.  You receive so much goodness in both of these purchases that it’s really hard to describe.  The skin purchase itself provides somewhere around 10-12 skins with different makeups, the ears, a boxed set of a multitude of eyes made (and updated) specifically for this line, a boxed set of body tattoos (that I didn’t even get around to opening, in all honesty), and a boxed set labeled as “junk,” something I imagine is a grab bag of items that I also haven’t opened but given the source, I suspect must contain items that are the complete opposite of junk.   

As for the gown, I have always adored creations from Caverna Obscura.  They are always beautifully detailed and harmoniously balanced and weighted in terms of attachments with every part of the creation lending itself to the mystique of not only fantasy but sublime gorgeousness.  “Serenade” gown is offered in both the light and the dark (a deep rich brown) colorways as separate FFC vendor items.  I purchased both colorways, because I just love this dress in both the long and shirt, dark and light versions.  I’m confident you will too…both the gown and the skin, and really so very very many items at the Fantasy Faire.  If you haven’t already, be sure to take the slurls over there these last two days.  Pick up some wonderful goodness and in doing so, share your wonderful goodness with the world.

Fashion Details and Slurls to these gorgeous items for which 100 percent of the proceeds goes to the cause:

Outfit: “Serenade Gown” in Pearl, long and short skirt options from Caverna Obscura by Elvina Ewing in the Enchanted Mysts sim.

Skin: “Aquamer” in Hominid from the Plastik by Aikea Rieko.  Aikea provides an updated version of the complete Aquamer line.  The FFL vendor of skins comes with versions with and without gills, an updated set of the Aquamer eyes, mer ears, spot tattoos, old makeups and “junk.”  In other words, a boatload of items!  Once again “Aquamer” is from the Plastik by Aikea Rieko and can be found in the Forest of Light sim.

Photo Location: Chakryn Forest



Sim Sponsor:  Fallen Gods    Alia Baroque


T R I D E N T    Laufey Markstein

T R I Earendilia    Earendil Lowenhart
MOONSTRUCK    Luna Barak
Studio Sidhe    Faery Sola


Frippery    Elizabeth Tinsley
Caverna Obscura    Elvina Ewing
sorriso di Aphrodite    joacim jacobus
Fae & Tiny Fantasy Creations    Tamrielle Halderman
[TrE uNiQuE]    Tremayne Barbosa
Stone Keep    Adelyn Hansen
Pretty Things by Lihan    Lihan Taifun
forest feast    mikatsuki Matova
An Lema    AelKennyr Rhiano
.:Dark FairyTales:.    Vomit Carousel
Bean Sidhe    Serendipity Sapphire
~Refined Wild~    Khyle Sion
Sparkle Skye Designs    Sparkle Skye
FallnAngel Creations    Azriel Demain



Sim Sponsor:  Evie’s Closet    Evangeline Miles


  • Wyrmwood     Dartagan Shepherd
  • Material Squirrel Wings    Kala Bijoux
  • Secrets Hair / Tribal Soul Designs    Syndel Daviau
  • *Epic* & Fae Faire Home & Garden    Jade Winthorpe


  • *Fairy Pearls*    Napolde Vella
  • **Angelwing**    angel6 Susanti
  • Herbalys    Albert Beerbaum
  • Bare Rose    June Dion
  • Luminous Designs    Lumina Elvehjem
  • Adam n Eve    sachi Vixen
  • Sterling Artistry    Silverr Andel
  • Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions    Tayren Theas
  • Mab & Co.    Venovara Ivory
  • Star Journey    Rebelmum Slade
  • Atea Avatars    Atea Aeon
  • [Plastik.]    Aikea Rieko
  • Curious Kitties    Ameshin Yossarian
  • Illusions    Siyu Suen

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