Fantasy Faire … Divine Magic

In a push to post as many Fantasy Faire entries as I can before the event wraps up after tomorrow, April 10th, here’s another post.  I realized in creating this post that the Forest of Light sim certainly captured alot of my lindens.  As soon as I publish this, I intend to go inworld and hope to rectify that by visiting the 2-3 other sims I haven’t explored as fully yet.  By the way, do check out the wonderful photos of the sims in the Fantasy Faire weblog.  There, you’ll also find a wealth of information about all the wonderful collaborations and events that make this fair as amazing as it is.

Meanwhile, in my entry here, I show yet another Forest of Light FFC vendor offering:  the “Hyacinth Macaw” wings from Illusions.  With a name like “Hyacinth” how could I resist this item.  That, and it’s also a sure bet that anything from Illusions is bound to find its way into my closet.  I love the creations Illusions offers.  Always have, and the “Hyacinth Macaw” wings live up to the high quality standards Illusions is known for.  The wonderful thing about these wings is that you have the option of layering a smaller set of wings atop of the full set, thereby giving the wings a truly dimensional, feathered presence.

The outfit I wear with the wings is called “Benitas Step.”  It’s from MysticHope, which is located in the Fantastical and Magical sim.  With its deep black coloration, its arm bracers with daggers and long feather tassles that flow from the belt, this ensemble feels very warrior to me.  The outfit could also easily go urban or biker.  However, my preference is to wear it as a fantasy warrior…even a warrior from the Heavens…loving and powerful all at the same time.  Just like the inworld community, fighting the good fight to eradicate cancer.

Fashion Details & Slurls … 100% of the Fantasy Faire items featured here goes to the American Cancer Society.

Outfit:  “Benitas Step” from MysticHope by Kira Lavendel in the Fantastical and Magical sim.  The outfit includes gloves, arm bracers with daggers, belt with long tassles.

Wings:  “Hyacinth Macaw wings” from Illusions by Siyu Suen in the Forest of Light sim.

Ears:  “Sachara Elf Ears” from SLink by Siddean Munro.  (SLink is not at the faire.)

Skin:  “Yasmin Sun Dancer” from Ugly Duck by Fade Lei.  (Ugly Duck is not at the faire.)

Boots:  MMMBoots (I don’t seem to have any creator or slurl information on these, which is really strange but I know they aren’t at the faire…)

Photo Location:  “Transubstantiation” an impressive art installation by soror Nishi (whose weblog I’m unable to link to for some reason without crashing my computer).  Botgirl Questi recently posted a writeup and a great video that provides a glimpse of the scale and energy in soror’s installation.


Sim Sponsor:  The Arcanum    Zachh Barkley   

  • Simply Fae    Boaz Sands
  • Fairy Unique Designs    Happyholly Grigges
  • FANTAVATAR    Luna Barak
  • Animations Rising    Miro Collas   


  • Epic Toys    Mayah Parx
  • MANDRAGORA – Medieval Rustic & Elven Roleplay Furniture & Items    Alrunia Ahn
  • Ari’s Neko Retreat    Arianna Voltaire
  • Oran    Inish Karu
  • Moonlight Obsession    Lunaria Eclipse
  • >>PixelPaws<<    Valeska McMillan
  • Sanu    Sanura Sakai
  • ShaNoodle’s Hair    Shawanna Snoodle
  • MysticHope Design    Kira Lavendel
  • Hidden Treasure of Dragon    Salfa Merlin
  • Ibanez Eyes    Annie Ibanez
  • Druscilla’s Whim    Druscilla Ferraris
  • AX Avatars    Tinintri Mistral   


Sim Sponsor:  Evie’s Closet    Evangeline Miles


  • Wyrmwood     Dartagan Shepherd
  • Material Squirrel Wings    Kala Bijoux
  • Secrets Hair / Tribal Soul Designs    Syndel Daviau
  • *Epic* & Fae Faire Home & Garden    Jade Winthorpe


  • *Fairy Pearls*    Napolde Vella
  • **Angelwing**    angel6 Susanti
  • Herbalys    Albert Beerbaum
  • Bare Rose    June Dion
  • Luminous Designs    Lumina Elvehjem
  • Adam n Eve    sachi Vixen
  • Sterling Artistry    Silverr Andel
  • Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions    Tayren Theas
  • Mab & Co.    Venovara Ivory
  • Star Journey    Rebelmum Slade
  • Atea Avatars    Atea Aeon
  • [Plastik.]    Aikea Rieko
  • Curious Kitties    Ameshin Yossarian
  • Illusions    Siyu Suen

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