Fantasy Faire … Song of the Sea

It’s hard to believe the Fantasy Faire is open today and this weekend only.  After April 10th, the 9 fantasy themed sims will disappear into the mists until they reform next year.  I just saw the latest tally on the Fantasy Faire website:  $510,804L on Day six bringing the dollars raised to $14,700 USD.   (Applauds all of us for continuing to rally together for this cause!)  I also see an announcement at that website that now the Faire includes a quest.  So be sure to continue to pick up any number of gorgeous creations at the Fantasy Faire and consider participating in the creation of the Faire’s interactive fantasy story.  That could be alot of fun!

One such gorgeous culture to represent in the story is depicted with this lovely mer ensemble from Suki Hawker creator of Mermaid Reef.  This delightful outfit comes complete with tail, leg and arm fins, mer silks, leg scales (long and shorter lengths…the long length shown above, the shorter length below), arm scales, modesty top and undergarment, crown, as well as a wonderful and wonderfully subtle bubble AO.  It all looks so great with Mynerva’s “Water Element” skin, which is available in the Exotic Worlds sim (see fashion details below for slurls).

I have several mer outfits, and I relish them all.  Still, I have to admit I truly enjoy the clean lines of Suki’s creation.  The entire ensemble doesn’t overwhelm itself (or the wearer) with too much flourish.  At the same time, the entire ensemble conveys a wonderful richness and depth.   That kind of balance is a tough one to achieve, but Suki hits the sweet spot with it. 

Be sure to travel the seas to the Sea of Mer sim and all the themed sims at the Fantasy Faire with the knowledge that when you  pick up these gorgeous creations, 100% of the purchase price goes to the American Cancer Society in its fight to create a cancer-free world.

Fashion Details

Hair:  “Layne” from Exile by Kavar Cleanslate, in the color “Molten” (a colorway exclusive to The Dressing Room and available several weeks ago)

Skin:  “Water Element,” comes with and without cleavage, and with prim eyes.  From Mynerva by  Rhapzody Wilde & Zarothan Wylder in the Exotic Worlds sim.

Outfit:  FFL vendor item from Mermaid Reef by Suki Hawker in the Sea of Mer sim.   (I apologize I don’t recall the name of this outfit.  I’m posting this entry from work before heading out to lunch but will update the entry with the outfit name later today.)

SEA OF MER Sim sponsor:  Mer Betta    Opal Lei   
Pacific Sunrise    Jade Wolfenhaut    
Mermaid Temple    kyota Spitteler   
Mer-Elf Creations    Morgaine Price   
Myths & Mythos    Pyewicket Tiger   
FantaSea    Corkie Houston   
TempT    LaKira Ratelle   
Mermaid Reef    Suki Hawker   
Tekeli-li! dark artistry    Tekelili Tantalus   
.: Yo bailo :.     yuuki Solo   
Posies    Anatalia Honi   
Rose princess    CelestialRay Serpente   
Mermaid Treasure & Boutique    Theta Marseille   
Cloverleaf Corners Clothing    Alice Biondi   
Safe Waters    Goldenstar Sands   
Bibi’s coral reef shop    Bibi Questi   
Skinthesis    Cane Sutter  
KAMI-HITOE    Sala Snook   
~Lost in Starnight~    Ethereal Faerye


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