SL Wiki wow … on inworld photography

I’ve not really explored the SL wiki much.  But I’ve learned a bit more about SL’s wiki from v very wonderful Dale who posted his awesome continent detector script to the SL wikiDale’s script is really a wonderful creation that gives you a sense of place every time you teleport.  Upon landing, I immediately look to see the script identify the continent I’m in, and from that I have developed a larger sense of the overall context of the grid…which really is a very fun thing.

So as I think about taking more fashion photos — this time, items from the Fantasy Faire, which I confess is my favorite annual fair in all honesy — I searched SL’s wiki for advice on taking quality photos.  In four years of taking inworld photos, I can see that I’ve developed more technique than I originally possessed.  But I know there remains so very much I still don’t know about taking quality photos…either in raw format or in post-processing.  One thing in particular that has vexed me and vexed me mightily for four years is the whole issue of removing jagged lines that invariably show up when I model clothes and snap my picture.  Typically, I’ve made all the attempts to correct the jagged lines in photoshop:  painstakingly run a blur on a small soft brush along every edge, tried to teach myself various airbrushing techniques, tried to learn and use various actions, tried some kind of liquid tool to move sharp lines.  Each time, I was never quite satisfied with the result.  And each time, I was frustrated because I have always had a pretty decent graphics card…true, it burned out a couple of months ago, but I since purchased a very new and pretty darn powerful graphics card.  So again, I have found myself muttering:  “Why do these dang jagged edges keep dogging me!”

Torley’s SL wiki post on taking snaphots finally solves the problem!  His section on “Turning on antialiasing and antrostrophic filtering” (about half way down his entry) proved to hold the key.  I knew about turning those things on inworld with the graphics setting.  What I didn’t know was that I could turn them on and change the setting on my actual NVIDIA driver.  After following the steps Torley lists, the jagged edges in my photos are gone.  Exhibit A:  a photo of an outfit and skin from the Fantasy Faire, details forthcoming in the series of posts I have planned on the Fantasy Faire.

I mean just that simple.  Wow.  You have no idea how very long I’ve been trying to figure that out…well…4-1/2 years now.  Long process with that, you say?  Perhaps.  It’s not exactly intuitive.  So utterly tenacious, well, you can count on that.

All I can say is thank you to the generous, talented individuals in the SL community who share their talents and knowledge in all kinds of ways — including via the SL wiki — so that others can benefit from their knowledge and hope to learn too.  My goodness.  Thank you.


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