Say a little prayer

Like all of us inworld, most everyone undoubtedly knows someone from around the physical world.  After Japan’s earthquake and subsequent days of ongoing crises, I posted about two friends who live in Japan and who I met around three years ago when they apprenticed in Shenlei Flasheart’s former Shengri La fashion designer apprentice program that I curated.  I’ve also posted several of their creations over the years (see below for another favorite in Misty’s wonderful creations) not only because these two young ladies are wonderful souls and dear friends but because they are also incredibly talented. 

I’ve been very relieved to have heard from them both since the earthquake.  And while they tell me they are fine, I am certain life has changed for them.  My hope is that things change for the better and that good and wonderful change is the type of change that continues to greet them.  Some of that hope feels validated because the other day I received this gorgeous new (in the first photo) creation from Misteria Loon, creator of Pas De Deux apparel.  Her latest design is poignantly called “Pray for You.”  Rest assured, Misty and Yoona, all of your friends in the West and around the worlds are praying for you and Japan too.

Fashion Details

Photo 1: 

  • Dress:  “Pray for You” from Misteria Loon, creator of Pas De Deux
  • Wings:  “Fractal Angel Wings” in white from Jen Shikami , creator of Seven’s Selections
  • Hair:   “Miel Wed Hair” from Miel Nirvana, creator of miel (I picked this wonderful hair up at the Summer 2010 Blur installation…not sure if the item is still available)

Photo 2:

  • Dress and Wings:  “Leaf Fairy” (in pink), comes with wings and three skirt length options from Misteria Loon, creator of Pas De Deux
  • Hair: “Sakura” hair (naturals) from Kavar Cleanslate, creator of Exile (I picked this wonderful hair up at the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser)

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