In Fresh Bloom

Mynerva is celebrating its birthday by throwing a birthday hunt from April 30th to May 2nd.  Wear your group tag and find cupcakes (5 total I believe) at the store to pick up some delicious skin…that is if you’re not distracted by the other equally gorgeous creations for sale there.  I couldn’t resist purchasing this skin, “Classic Red.”  I already have this lovely creation in the drow version, which I picked up during last summer’s Platinum Hunt.  It’s such a gorgeous rendering in all tones, as truly all of Mynerva skins are.  When I first saw these skins a year ago, the line instantly became a favorite.  It’s difficult to believe that drawing doesn’t come easily to Mynerva co-creator Rhapzody Wilde. (She says as much in her profile.)  All I have to say is that if it really doesn’t come easily to Rhapzody, no one would ever know it because her finished creations are flawless.  The other wonderful thing about them is that you don’t see their aesthetic coming and going.  Instead, Mynerva skins are incredibly distinctive, fresh faces that are so very beautiful and convey a personality all their own.  

Much like this gown and headpiece (not including the jewelwrap in the hair) from Miamai, offered this weekend only at 50% off the regular price.  “Amalia” casts a stunning profile, in full and fresh bloom at every angle…perfect for the spring season with the extra bonus of tremendous savings this weekend only.  Grab a link and watch your inventory blossom.

Photo 1

Hair:  “Jacqueline” in cocoa one of the newest releases from Truth Hawks, creator of Truth Hair

Skin:  “Classic Red” in cocoa with black brows from Rhapzody Wilde, co-creator of ~Mynerva~

Photos 2 & 3

Hair:  W&Y Hair with jewelwrap from Yukitan Farrjones , creator of W&Y Hair

Skin:  “Classic Red” in cocoa with black brows from Rhapzody Wilde, co-creator of ~Mynerva~

Gown:  “Amalia” [Black Label] in red from Monica Outlander, creator of Miamai