Baubles, Black Dress, and Boxers

More wonderful finds at the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser event.  I popped inworld in a flurry this morning to write down the credits for each of the fundraiser items worn in the pictures so I could post this entry before I head out to work.  *Every* item at the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser contributes either 50% or 100% to the Americares Disaster Relief to help the people of Japan after one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded.  As always, for all the items I show, 100% of the proceeds goes to the cause.  

The Pacific Crisis Fundraiser runs from March 16th through April 10th.  The effect of your contributions lasts a lifetime. 

Fashion in this entry from Pacific Crisis Fundraiser.  

Picture 1. 

  • “Vivian” pearl set (necklace and earrings) in White from Donna Flora

Picture 2. 

  • “Mei” little black dress in Onyx from from Elate 

Picture 3. 

  • “Geisha” tattoo (underneathe my butterfly tattoo that is mine and I always wear) from Bitch Tail
  • “Retro boxers (unisex)” in Calypso Blue (comes in set of 4 colors) from Fear & Clothing

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