Pacific Crisis Fundraiser ~ 3

On the Americare’s website (the charity due to receive 50-100% for each item sold at the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser inworld), I was stunned to learn from a relief worker’s report that: 

“Scientists at the US Geological Survey report that the force of the quake moved parts of eastern Japan as much as 12 feet closer to North America, as well as shifting the earth on its axis some 6.5 inches.”   

I just can’t even imagine this.  Very few in life would even think this could be possible…either in the physical world or in SL.  But what is as possible and just as powerful is the very real ability to help make a difference.  The Pacific Crisis Fundraiser is an inworld event made up of 400 fashion designers who rallied together with event organizer Keira Seerose and Glam Affair (who donated the land).  Added to that mix are countless wonderful SL community members like you who felt and feel so moved by the tragedy that we want to find a way to come to the aid of friends in Japan.  


For the island nation of Japan that endured the largest earthquake in its history and all that has followed, there can never be too much help.   If you haven’t had a chance yet, please visit the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser event.  If you have already, thank you.  Your purchase of any of the lovely items there *guarantees* to bring help…because *every* item present contributes a proportion of the sales price to Americares Disaster Relief.  You will also find donation kiosks right at the landing point if you choose to participate that way.   

As always, for all the items I show, 100% of the proceeds goes to the cause.  The Pacific Crisis Fundraiser runs from March 16th through April 10th.  Thank you.

Fashion in this entry from Pacific Crisis Fundraiser.  

Picture 1. 

  • “Sakura” necklace, earrings, and bracelet purchases from Alienbear
  • “Sakura” skin in natural from Glam Affair
  • “4 silk bandeau tops (with jeans)” from Marret

Picture 2. 

  • “Sakura” hair (naturals) from Exile
  • “Kumi” skin from Pink Fuel
  • “Off Shoulder Gauze Tunic” in red from Aoharu
  • “Jeans (with 4 silk bandeau tops)” from Marret

Picture 3. 

  • “Sakura” skin in natural from Glam Affair

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