Pacific Crisis Fundraiser ~ 1

Through the Shengri La marketplace apprenticeship program three years ago, I came to know two young ladies, both incredibly talented fashion designers inworld who are native Japanese and who still live in Japan in the physical world.  I am so grateful to have received messages from them recently, in reply to what I’m sure were panicked-sounding notes from me asking if they are alright.  They tell me that they are.  They live in different regions in Japan:  one further away from the earthquake’s epicenter; the other in Tokyo, which has been rocked by many aftershocks.  They are both directly living through everything that has happened recently in Japan and that follows.  They tell me they both have food, water, and electricity.  Thankfully.  And they both insist with their ever-present gracefulness, classy manners, and never-complaining ways that they are “okay.”  These are very strong, gifted young ladies.  And while I believe them and know how capable they are, I still worry with each day and each news broadcast.

 My hunch is that just about everyone in the SL community knows of or has friends that they are concerned about in Japan…and around the world.  Which leads me to yet another thing I love about SL…  Making friends clear across the world, keeping those friendships for years without once seeing or hearing each other in the physical world, rallying immediately to help each other because through the pixels and the bits we all instinctively know that we’re all in this together in this human and spiritual journey.  That’s the heart of the SL community…the meaningful difference, the creativity, the playfulness, the immersion, the challenging, the passion, the resourcefulness.  In a phrase…the caring and the commitment.

400 fashion designers rallied together nearly immediately after the crisis to participate in the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser, organized by gifted designer and prolific event organizer Keira Seerose and with land donated by Glam Affairs.  What I love about Keira’s fundraisers is knowing that no matter what I buy, I’m helping the cause directly because some proportion of the purchase price for every item on exhibit goes to the charity.  For the many of us who want to find a way to help, this is vitally important.  Probably more important than the fashion itself, as incredibly lovely as it all is.  For the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser, in many cases 100% of the purchase price goes to Americares Disaster Relief; in other cases, 50% does.  It’s a personal choice, but for me, the items I focus on are the donation kiosks, the items where 100% of the proceeds goes to Americares, and the Americares website.    This entry and my next entry on the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser showcases some of the truly gorgeous creations from a multitude of wonderfully generous and gifted fashion designers.  All, with 100% of the proceeds going to help those during a time of very real need in Japan.  Stay strong and of good hope, my dear friends in need.


Fashion in this entry from Pacific Crisis Fundraiser slurl.  The event runs from March 16th through April 10th.

Picture 1.  Hair:  “Minimalist” in soil from Plume; dress:  “Kara-kusa” from Lika Ruby; skin: “Kumi” in milk from Pink Fuel

Picture 2.  Gown:  “Gloria” in nightblue from Angel Dessous

Picture 3.  Gown:  “Divine” from Fellini Couture; hair:  “Brooke updo” in brown from Pocket Mirrors (this item is 50% of proceeds to charity); skin: “Kumi” in milk from Pink Fuel

Picture 4.  Gown:  “Sarabande” from Marret


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