Fashion For Life … Potpourri

Fashion for Life (formerly Relay for Life) has begun.  My intention during this year’s event is to direct more of my lindens straight into the FFL donation kiosks.  I confess, though, that  my inventory is grousing a bit because I did purchase a few items from the FFL vendors in various shops.   In this post, I share a few of the purchases…all of them lovely and made all the more lovely because all of the proceeds on these items goes to the American Red Cross in the fight to cure cancer.  (Slurl and sim locations are listed in the fashion details section below.)

Fashion Details:

Pic 1:  LUZI dress from Donna Flora in the Ansel Adams sim.  This pretty and extremely clever dress comes with a HUD that allows you to change the colors of the ruffle, neckline, flower, and underskirt.

Pic 2:  Sashenka gown in pink from VoguE in the Ansel Adams sim.

Pic 3: Black and Tan cocktail dress from salt in the Arbus sim; Chinese brocade shoes from Vintuition in the Mapplethorpe sim.

Pic 4:  Maylee dress in white from LaLei in the Ansel Adams sim.

Pic 5:  Tricia Lace gown in pink from Nicky Ree sponsor of the Ansel Adams sim.


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