Flounce & FFL

CORRECTION (3.11.10):  A happy screaming correction actually.  Tiffy Vella, mega talented creator behind Eclectica Jewellery & Accoutrements, IS actually in this year’s FFL!  Joy!  Please DO be sure to check out her creations.  You’ll be amazed and want to snap up everything.  Eclectica Jewellery’s shop at the FFL may be found in the “Fasion for Life – Evie’s Closet, Arbus sim” at these coordinates:  203, 54, 23.

The Fashion For Life (formerly Relay For Life) fashion event begins fairly soon…in fact, I believe next week.   This year, I plan to enjoy the many fashion weblog writeups about FFL instead of doing my own.  In all honesty, my inventory still hasn’t quite recovered from the purchases made and writeups I posted last year.  (Who knew an exploding inventory could be an occupational hazard for the fashion reviewer, but it seems it is!)  That said, I completely believe in the purpose of this event.  I look forward to it every year because it provides a way to help make a real difference…no matter how much you purchase or give.  So, I am positive I will purchase a couple of items this year.  I’m equally positive that the way I’ll choose to participate this year in FFL will be to drop many many many lindens into the FFL donation kiosks. 

The other thing I’m completely positive about is that any jewelry ensemble created by Tiffy Vella of Eclectica Jewellery & Accoutrements will be a stellar finishing touch to any feminine, romantic, refined, elegant looks you create with your FFL purchases.  Eclectica Jewellery is not in the FFL (actually, Eclectica Jewellery is…see correction above)  this year, but I still feel compelled to share Tiffy’s newest creation:  a spectacularly gorgeous ensemble called “Flounce,” as shown here in the champagne colorway.  When Tiffy dropped “Flounce” to me, I gazed at it for quite a while…just completely taking in how beautifully feminine, romantical, and elegant the set is.  “Flounce” is a full jewelry wardrober that comes complete with earrings, necklace, bracelet, and ring.   But I chose to show only one photo in this entry.   The stunning design of the pieces above says more than any series of pictures on the individual pieces could say.  If you have a chance and the inclination, do check out Tiffy’s work.  She’s really very talented, a genuinely nice soul, and has such beautiful jewelry that I know will be a match made in heaven with your FFL gown and dress purchases.

But above all, the most important point in all of this is helping…and Life.


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