Birds of a Feather

The other day, Tiffy Vella — creator of Eclectica Jewellery & Accoutrements — dropped her latest creation to me.  This lovely jewelry ensemble is called “Feathers & Pearls.”  It consists of a pearl choker surrounded by a soft plume of feathers and comes with matching long sleeve gloves that are topped again with pearl armbands and feathers.  I show it in aubergine, and I wear it with a beautiful gown from Rebel Hope. 

Tiffy’s creation takes the boa and imbues it with refinement and style.  I have to admit I’ve never been too crazy about traditional boas inworld.  In SL, they often look so bulky around the neck and draped down the torso that any allure they try to create is usually extinguished under the largeness of the piece.   That’s not the case with Tiffy’s updated rendition as reflected in “Feathers & Pearls.”  Tiffy has a beautiful eye for sensing just how much design is enough, always guiding her pieces well away from the ledge of designs that are simply too much for their own good. 

Here’s the back view (below).  One thing to note:  the coloration of the feathers pops a bit in my photos because I took these photos in windlight.  Inworld in regular SL lighting, I see the aubergine coloration as a gentle blending of light silver-grey and purple.  

I love Tiffy’s “Feather & Pearls” with Rebel Hope’s “Ginger” gown in platinum.  The two are beautiful inandof themselves.  Equally, they are so beautifully suited together that they flow effortlessly with each other just like, yes, birds of a feather.  Adding to this flock of gorgeousness is Tricky Boucher’s group gift “Melissa,” a skin that comes in an array of tones (with and without freckles and cleavage), and “DIY Haircut” from Lamb Bellic, a long-time favorite when natural sophistication is the aim.

And when it is…you simply can’t miss with Tiffy’s jewelry or any of these wonderful creations.

Fashion Details

  • Feather choker and gloves:  Feathers & Pearls in aubergine from Eclectica Jewellery & Accoutrements by Tiffy Vella (note the Ankh is a separate very special item that I always wear, and the wrist bracelets are also separate items not included in “Feathers & Pearls”)
  • Gown:  Ginger gown in platinum from Rebel Hope Designs by Rebel Hope
  • Hair:  DIY Haircut in Ink from lamb by Lamb Bellic
  • Skin:  Melissa in mocha (group gift) from Belleza skin by Tricky Boucher

4 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

  1. And that’s also a seriously gorgeous dress you’ve chosen to show the gloves with, Michele. I always love to see how you team things together. Glad you like the feathers 🙂

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