Help Japan


Help Japan is another wonderful fundraiser that I just made my way to the other night.  There, 100% of the purchase price for *every* lovely item at the exhibit goes to the Japanese Red Cross.  How beautiful is that…the help, the community, the spirit with the added bonus of gorgeous creations. 

I lucked into a wonderful look, created by wearing three separate purchases.  The combination of the skin, hair, and Cherry Blossom outfit together is fascinatingly ethereal.  I do feel like poetry in motion with it all on.  You’ll find these creations at Help Japan, along with many, many more wonderful items.  Fashion details follow at the close of this entry.



Fashion Details of items available at Help Japan, where 100% of every purchase goes to the Japanese Red Cross.

Pictures 1 and 2: 

  • “Sohae” skin from Mother Goose 
  • “Irena” hair in red from Vita’s Boudoir 
  • “Cherry Blossom Petals” from Runo Runo

Picture 3:

  • “Masago Sushi dress” (does not include the fawn legs) from Vita’s Boudoir
  • “Irena” hair in red from Vita’s Boudoir
  • “Sohae” skin from Mother Goose

Picture 4: 

  • “Gina’s dress” (dress only) from Petunia’s
  • “Black belt” from Petunia’s “Camille” dress also at Help Japan

Picture 5:

  • “Camille’s dress” from Petunia’s (black dress)
  • “Sohae” skin from Mother Goose