Garden City …100 Percent

The Garden City fundraiser was created to benefit those affected by the devastating earthquake that hit Christchurch New Zealand for the second time in 6 months, only to cause much more damage and loss of life.  Moved by the tragedy, a small group of inworld creators are offering wonderful creations, with 100% of the proceeds helping New Zealanders. 

I have not been to New Zealand but I understand it is a beautiful country.  I hope to travel there some day.  In the meantime, fashion events where the proceeds help those in need always appeal to me…particularly when it is 100% of the proceeds.  I love beautiful fashion and truly it holds even deeper meaning when the purchase of it goes beyond making me feel good and works to make a real difference to those in a time of need.  The Garden City fundraiser runs from February 26th through March 5th.  You’ll find it to be a cozy event, set in a cleanly laid out area, with a small number of designers and their wonderful items for sale.  As always with fundraisers and fashion, it’s wise to dress for lag.  The items I feature in this weblog entry all come from Garden City (except the jewelry ensemble that works so perfectly with the gown).  The items include a large contemporary skybox, a gorgeous gown, beautiful hair, and lush eyes all found exclusively at the Garden City fundraiser.  See below for fashion details and slurls, and thank you for all of your wonderful help.

Fashion Details:

Garden City slurl

Gown:  “Coppelia” in Sea Note from Evie’s Closet

Hair:  “Alright” Essentials Collection in Red 08 from [elikatira].  The Essentials Collection at Garden City comes with black, white, blonde (two shaes)

Eyes:  “ForgetMeNot” from Shine (Garden City purchase comes with five eye colors:  buttercup, forgetmenot, koru, orchid, stormy)

Skybox:  “Chic Studio” skybox from Designer Prims Contemporary Home (90 prim skybox that comes complete with a pool and animations, shower, light beams, house controls, texture changes, security system).

*Necklace and earrings:  “Sanctuary” in blue from Cocoon Jewelry.  *Cocoon Jewelry is not exhibiting at the Garden City event.  I love Cocoon Jewelery for its incredible beauty and intricate detail and thought “Sanctuary” ensemble worked so perfectly with the gown from Evie’s Closet (which is at the Garden City event).