Extend a Helping Hand

Recently, very delightful soul Moggs Oceanlane commented on a photo in my flickr stream.  It was a joy to be greeted with her always smiling, friendly spirit, particularly after not having run into each other on Plurk for months on end because I haven’t been on Plurk for months on end.   But no matter the amount of time that passes, Moggs remains consistently gregarious and generous.   When I saw that she waved hello via flickr, I couldn’t help but smile at Moggs’s always very kind words of encouragement and support to everyone she knows.  So, I clicked on her name and zipped over to her flickr account, where her first two photos in the stream grabbed my attention.   They are lovely artistic images made even more significant because they call attention to an important inworld humanitarian effort:  “Extend a Helping Hand.”

Extend a Helping Hand is a fashion event put together by Sanura Sakai to provide support and assistance to those Queenslanders affected by the recent massive flooding in Australia.  (That link sends you to Sanura’s facebook page and photos of the flooding that occurred in her hometown.) Extend a Helping Hand runs from January 11th through February 8th.  If you have a chance and haven’t yet already done so, please be sure to take the slurl to the event location and check out the many wonderful items for sale there.  For every purchase, a  healthy portion of your lindens and in some cases 100 percent of the proceeds from your purchases there go toward the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.

In this weblog entry, nearly everything I show comes from Extend a Helping Hand (see fashion details below), with the exception of a Fifty Lindens Friday accessory and the hairstyles I wear.  If like me your inventory is filled to the gills but you still want to help, donation vendors and donation booths are available at individual stores across the grid, as listed on Kat Johnston’s weblog.  

Thank you, Moggs, for your delightful, warm spirit and for spreading awareness about the Extend a Helping Hand event.  That’s so like Moggs to look out for her fellow pixels and her fellow souls.  In truth, that’s so like very very very many of the grand souls in the inworld community.

Extend a Helping Hand Fashion Details

Gown 1:  “Estaria Moon” from Miamai

Gown 2:  “Antea Purple” from Miamai; Necklace “Sen” from Miel’s 50L Friday offering

Wetsuit: “Vocal Green” from The Tarnished; Skin (not including the ears and face tattoo) from “Yin Yang” by Violent Seduction (also at the Extend a Helping Hand event)

Boots:  “Heidi Rainboots” in yellow from SLink (with an squeeee *adorable* frog hitching a ride on the lip of the boot!)

Skin:  “Belle” skin, eyes, shape (which, yes, I modified) from Cupcakes


2 thoughts on “Extend a Helping Hand

  1. Thank you so much, Laila! I used a Torley windlight setting and reduced the draw distance to get the effect. Aren’t those froggy boots the cutest?! I love them too :))

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