Two of my all-time favorite fashion webloggers recently made mention of a fashion challenge.  Specifically,  Strawberry Singh recently tweeted about Achariya’s challenge to dress from head to toe in “vintage” items; in other words, in those creations that can no longer be purchased in SL.  I really like this challenge.  It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the many impressive creative talents SL has enjoyed — and continues to enjoy — through the years.  I chose to share those designers whose work I really relied upon for several years.

Starting at the top, hair styling from none other than ETD.  Anyone born somewhere in year 2006 until about 2008 or so most likely has a closet loaded with ETD.  Now more than three years later, ETD hairs are still often my go-to choice.  And I say this even as I stalk Elikapeka Tiramisu‘s new store “Elikatira” and snap up nearly everything she makes.  Her hairs are not only gorgeous but they fit like a dream, which is not always the case with my head shape (51 on the slider scale).  The skin I’m in is one of my very first skins…actually it’s my second skin to be precise.  It’s called “Sissy” and I bought it sometime in 2007 after catching a glimpse of it on another female.  I loved it so much for its peaches and cream tone and sweet face that I IM’d the wearer clear out of the blue and asked her where she got it.  (I always love those kinds of sharing conversations with strangers.  It’s fun to learn about the grid and shops and things in that very open, innocent way.)  As I discovered in our conversation, this skin was an exclusive.  I was amazed then (and I still am) by how quickly she volunteered to ask her friend to sell the skin to me and how she insisted that I have it.  It was actually very generous of her to be so sharing of something that had been created specifically for her.  I think she was pleased that someone else thought the skin to be as lovely as she knew it to be.  As far as I know, her friend never made another skin and didn’t have a shop in any case, so it could very well be that only two copies of this skin have been worn on the grid…well, three if you include the creator.  But even if more than 3 own this skin, this is a skin that I never saw coming and going.  And I really like that.  Plus, it had such an innocence and freshness to it and, you know what, it still does.

The dresses I show are Digit Darkes.  They are  “Studio Dress (plume)” above and “Lotus” below.  I chose Digit Darkes to share for this challenge because I used to live in these clothes.  I love how wonderfully feminine the designs are while still being flexible enough to dress up or dress down.  With that much versatility and gorgeous design, what’s not to love about Digit Darkes.  The only thing not to love is that the line is no longer available. Digit Darkes creations are constructed so beautifully and move so very well.  The chain necklace worn with the dress above is from another Digit Darkes outfit called “Fall Collection 7.”  And while the pose I use in the figure below doesn’t clear the flounce of the skirt from my leg, trust me, that is a hemline that loves to dance.

Finally, Storm Schmooz shoes finish off the look.  And the off-center ponytail in these last two photos is “Alison” from Frangipani.

It’s hard to believe all of these items are vintage.  They’re so beautiful and hold up so wonderfully well.  Truly, they’re more classics than vintage.  But if for this weblog challenge these items constitute “vintage,” then I really can understand why everything “old” is new again.


2 thoughts on “Eternal

  1. I love Digit Darkes to! I have more than a few items of hers in my inventory. I remember loving her items when I was a noob, and lived in them! LOL
    I remain a fan four years later!!
    Have a great weekend, take care.

  2. Oh my gosh, we must be the close to the same age! Isn’t Digit Darkes still great? I love the line still too. Have a great weekend also, Laila!

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