Razzle Dazzle

“Chicago Diamantes” is one of the latest releases from seriously talented prim master Tiffy Vella, founder of Eclectica Jewellery.  I have known Tiffy for going on three years now, when I had the pleasure of watching her hone what were her already substantial skills under Shenlei Flasheart’s tutelage in a program for emerging designers that Shenlei created and I curated.  Tiffy’s craftsmanship and artistry rendered me fairly speechless then.  Her artistry still does, as evidenced by her latest release.  

The fire and elegance in “Chicago Diamantes” really defies description.  This ensemble conveys some serious regal stature liberally mixed with some serious hot sexiness.  When Tiffy generously dropped this ensemble on me and I tried it on, I could think of no better way to showcase the breathtaking smokin’ fire and intensity of this set than to wear it with silk and bare skin. 

Look at this crafstmanship, gorgeous design, outright seduction.  This is an ensemble that knocks your socks off without even trying.  Frankly, this is an ensemble that doesn’t have to try to be hot.  It just is.  Be forewarned, though…when you wear “Chicago Diamantes” be prepared to rouge your knees because you’ll find you most definitely will want to roll your stockings down, as the tune goes…


Fashion Details

Jewelry set:  “Chicago Diamantes” by Tiffy Vella of Eclectica Jewellery, includes earrings, necklace, and bracelet

Skin:  “Amber Glam (Medium)” by Nena Janus of League, includes cleavage/no cleavage, freckles/no freckles, hair/no hair options

Hair:  “In Space (Magenta)” by Rita Groshomme of Curio Hair, a long-time fave that is still available