Yukihana Jewelry from Cocoon

Yoona Mayo, the creator of Cocoon Jewelry, is an incredible prim-master.  “Yukihana,” her latest jewelry ensemble, is a masterwork in both design and craftsmanship.  This is an incredibly spectacular set that looks gorgeous on any skin tone.  Those many of us who marvel at Yoona’s amazing primwork and own several of her pieces know that she tends to favor a very warm gold metal in her pieces.  The thing I love about Yukihana is the rich balance of fire in the white and the gold and how beautifully the jewelry reads on all skin tones.  I’m not a fan of “typecasting” skin tones with metals.  Certainly, I realize some hues work better together than others, but I like to see the range and not leap to assumptions.  So I really appreciate it when the heat in the metal hits the sweet spot and reads  gorgeously across the skin spectrum.  And with Yoona’s creations, there’s the added bonus of just a spectacular design.  “Yukihana” reminds me of a magnificent phoenix rising.  It has such beautiful elegance and heat.  It glimmers on a soft peach skin tone (above).  It dazzles on a rich cocoa skin tone (next).

And it shares the same name as the winter dress ensemble recently created and released by Misteria Loon (that I posted about recently).  Not only do their latest offerings share the same name, but Yoona and Misty also share a very close, deep friendship together.  I’ve had the distinct joy of knowing them both for the past two years.  It’s been a real joy to watch them as they very naturally and openly help each other grow not only as individuals, not only in friendship, but also as artists.  Yoona shared with me that her intention was to create in “Yukihana” jewelry that reflected the elegant beauty in Misty’s “Yukihana” gown.  Without a doubt, they are an absolute perfect match together.

Head over to the Juliet sim where you will find both Cocoon (Yoona’s shop) and Pas De Deux (Misty’s shop) side by side and filled with the gorgeousness that “Yukihana” so very beautifully delivers.  Just like these two incredibly talented, genuinely nice and wonderful artists and friends.

Fashion details

“Yukihana” jewelry from Cocoon by Yoona Mayo, comes in diamond, and a number of gem colors from emerald, ruby to  topaz and just about everything in between.

“Yukihana” gown from Pas De Deux by Misteria Loon is also in the Juliet sim, next door to Cocoon.  You’ll find the vendor outside  and on the right side of the entrance on the building facade itself.


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