Pas De Deux & “Yukihana”

I have been living in “Yukihana,” the lastest design by extraordinarily talented Misteria Loon.  Misty is the creator of Pas De Deux, a fashion label with an aesthetic unequivocably romantic.  Pas de Deux reflects Misty’s artistic inclinations.  She receives her inspiration from nature with an open heart, a gorgeous eye, and a spirit that celebrates.  Her dresses are breathtakingly beautiful, with incredible texturing that often defies description.

A prolific and elegant designer, Misty is also a dear friend of more than two years.  In the first year of our friendship, I had the distinct pleasure of working with her when she was a relatively unknown artist who refined her craft in the Shengri La Marketplace apprentice program created by Shenlei Flasheart and curated by yours truly.  From her very first days in the apprentice program to now as an admired designer in the SL fashion scene, Misty’s talents were not only apparent; they were and remain undeniable.

“Yukihana” illustrates this so perfectly.  The dress is a sheer celebration of the spirit of woman and the magic of a joyous season merged together.  The garment, a delicate veil of white, drapes like a glistening winter wonderland across your body.  Everywhere you turn an unbelievably gorgeous design of snow swirls flows like inlets from bodice to hemline.  True to Misty’s generous nature, “Yukihana” comes with both a short skirt and layers for a longer flowing skirt in one purchase.

More than a gorgeous dress, Misty’s “Yukihana” is testament to the wonderland of the female form.  Step into this season with a Misteria Loon creation and be transformed into a divine spirit, one who is naturally at home in the majestic and the sultry both…in all seasons.


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