Drawn to

Taking a teeny break from nanowrimo, although I hope to have another entry tomorrow, if not later today.

One of Strawberry’s challenges asked participants to identify their “fix.”   When it comes to inworld appearances, the one thing I’m always drawn to is skin.  I always wear one signature skin that fits me perfectly and that I adore.   I collect skins because I sketch portraits and people in RL.  I find myself fascinated by the artistry in these creations:  how the features are shaped, the skin’s gradiation in color and level of dewiness or matteness.  I tyically wear different skins for fashion photos/weblog entries.   But most of the time, I’m simplying trying them on and admiring the skinner’s technique, occasionally tweaking my features to see if a different portrait emerges.  But it’s never too long before I’m anxious to get back into my own true signature skin; I truly identify with it that completely.

Still, as a sketcher of portraits, it’s fun to try the spectrum of skins, from fantasy to photorealistic.  Here I show the gorgeously ethereal “Yasmin” from Ugly Duck followed by the voluptuously earthy “Taylor” from League.  They create vastly different moods even when I wear the same hair and dress.  By the way, the hair from Magika comes with a hud that allows the hair to be streaked or to be draped between the lips (or not), and also allows the hair to be parted on the reverse side!  There are so many talented creators inworld!

Fashion Details:

  • Skin (photos 1-2):  “Yasmin” Sundancer, from Ugly Duck
  • Skin (photos 3-4):  “Taylor” in medium blonde twilight, from League
  • Dress:  “Sheer Knit” in cocoa from Ce Cubic Effect
  • Hair:  “Cori” in brown from Magika

2 thoughts on “Drawn to

    1. Thank you so much, Strawberry! That’s incredibly high praise coming from someone as incredibly talented as you are. Thank you for your wonderful posts, challenges, and all the incredible resources (including photoshop tutorials) that you share on your weblog. You’re a very generous and kind soul.

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