Waking the Sleeping Integer … 3

3 ~ She, or He, or We? 

One day, in fact today, Joey woke up from under a tree that had arched its presence up and out into the sky from the gently sloping grounds of a small hill.  The tree hadn’t been there a couple of days before.  But the tree was present today and fully formed, and Joey was glad to smile up into its vast canopy of leaves.  Joey blinked a little before tugging at the mind to ease itself more fully out of its slumber and into the day.  A bit of grumbling hummed out from someplace between Joey’s ears, somewhere behind Joey’s forehead.   But the complaining about stepping into the day really wasn’t all that much.  In fact, it was kind of humorous.  Joey thanked the tree for the good energy.  The tree was, in fact, gorgeous.  A gigantic Oak the likes of which made Joey’s mind shake off the cobwebs of sleep and made Joey’s attention traverse the heighth and width and magnificence of the life that exploded gently forward.   For someone who had just woken up, it was pretty amazing how alert Joey felt in this moment.  

You see, the sky shimmered with possibilities.  Every day was a clean canvas on which to paint a life story.  Or at the very least, a day-in-the-life story.  The thought made Joey smile.  The thought must have made the sky smile as well, because at that moment the sun glided softly across the sky’s canvas, creating a pool of warm watercolors that swirled and folded the sunset gently into itself.  It was morning still, fairly early morning, but the sun in this world moved quickly no doubt by with excitement to light the possibilities.  And beside that, it clearly favored the Muse of the color spectrum.  

Time was indeed relative, and time did nothing to stop Joey from standing at last.  It was, in fact, encouraged.  Something had flickered across the way, Joey had noticed…just at the furtherest dip of the swirling sunset.  Beyond the big Oak with the swaying branches that rustled up a billowy rustic dance in the air.   Beyond the wide edges of the river that flowed from the shore where Joey had awakened and across to the other side where more trees had sprouted.  None quite so large as the magnificent Oak, but unlike the magnificent Oak, one of the trees on the other side of the riverbed seemed to sparkle.  A bend in the knees, arms casually up shoulder height and Joey flew effortlessly in the air until landing under the gently glistening particles of the sparkling tree.  Words danced delicately out with each chorus of light.   Somehow pure energy itself sings even when soundless.   The words expanded softly out toward Joey who stood a bit mesmerized, at first.  Then a bit transfixed soon enough.  Especially when the words formed a complete thought and in their soft display said “Hello, Joey.  I couldn’t help but notice that you enjoy trees.  I hope the tree I made for you brings you much joy.”

And indeed, the sparkling tree did.  Joey smiled a gentle smile, revealing a generous heart, a wise soul, wizard an artist a universalist at heart.  Joey knelt on the edge of the grounds and scripted a note on the surface of the water tips that pulsed softly into the riverbank:  “Thank you…that’s so sweet of you!  I couldn’t help but notice your magnificent tree.  Its reflection sparkles so beautifully in the water.  You must enjoy water a great deal to place your gorgeous creation so near its mirror.  I hope you enjoy the pool of glistening particle light I made for you to thank you and to bring you pleasure.  I hope it brings you much joy.  …by the way…what is your name?” 

Then the ground beneathe the sparkling tree beckoned to Joey.  If it could speak in words it would have said:  “come…rest!”  How idyllic and tranquil to sit beneathe such a wonderful creation of such wonderful meaning from an unknown yet, Joey was certain, wonderful soul.  It was the perfect day-in-the-life story to paint on the sky’s canvas, and indeed, Joey had noticed that time had seemed to gather steam.  The sky’s colors had morphed into deeper jewel tones against a starry midnight blue sky, indicating it was nearing the afternoon hour.  Joey sighed with contentment, leaned into the base of the treetrunk and soon enough, invited dreams to seep in. 

And so they did.

“Hmmm,” Terry muttered in thought.  Terry was right in the middle of exploring the southern reaches of the riverbed and was half decided about journeying beyond the targeted milepost but something embraced Terry’s mind and so Terry decided against flying into the neighboring sims further south after all.  The day was making progress reality and Terry decided to do the same.  The need to return to the Home Parcel embraced Terry’s mind.  “Had Joey seen the tree yet,” Terry wondered with excited anticipation. 

It was a pleasant route, the route back to the sparkling tree that Terry had created for Joey.  Route 1, in fact, was the name.  Simple, direct, a perfect notion in terms of melded hearts, Terry thought, and nearly immediately was almost surprised that the thought of melded hearts had made its presence known.  Well, to another deeper degree, Terry was really *not* surprised at all but instead flush with complete excitement that the thought of melded hearts had been born.

More than a thought, it would seem…much more than a thought, Terry smiled inside.  A smile can make everything sparkle from the deepest insides to the outer most reaches and beyond.  A smile as heartfelt as Terry’s was now can dazzle.  And so when Terry approached the parcel of Home, the bright light that danced from the sparlking tree to the glistening particle pool of water along the riverbank and back again didn’t alarm Terry because Terry’s smile was just that big and just the wide and just that genuine.  And just that wise because soon enough Terry realized there was more to the glistening particle light than any amount of smiling – even Terry’s smiling – could generate.  Moving now with rapid purpose and confidence, a quietly powerful and delightful individual Terry was soft-footed to the extreme.  More silently than a whisper, Terry moved and not out of stealth but instead out of grace and oneness with the universe.  To be present.  To be aware.  It was in that state that Terry discovered the particles glistening in song about and into and around and with a pool of light.  A pool that grew increasingly brighter because of the increasingly deeper smile on Terry’s face when Joey’s words danced before Terry’s eyes. 

A glide of form, a turn of grace, and Terry soon gently walked in the midst of a rolling meadow that undulated with bursts of color and life.  On the tips of each petal from each flower in the meadow crafted with such care by Terry, Terry wrote:  “The pool of light is gorgeous.  It reflects the essence of my heart and soul…even before you created it.  But especially since you did.  And most especially of all … because you did.  ❤ Terry”    Then the meadow that rested its greenery along Terry’s feet and calves urged Terry to sit and listen to the sounds of the breeze and the waters, and the leaves swirling and the birds chirping.  And so Terry did and when Terry did, dreams were invited to seep in.  And so they did.

Days went by and each day brought a new creation, crafted from gentleness from caring and shared from Joey to Terry, from Terry to Joey.  When Terry’s Home Parcel soon grew completely full into a magnificent sparkling meadowland with protective sparkling trees abounding and dazzling sparkling pools of light on the water and the land in the skies and the heavens, Joey and Terry created beauty together in the same way — with tenderness, with openness, with generosity, with caring, with surprise and delight…and particle notes — on Joey’s Home Parcel all around and with and into and about the Magnificent Oak Tree.

And through it all days went by.  And Joey and Terry had yet to meet, had yet to form any notion of appearance or identity.  And yet…so very much yet…in spite of that set of unknowables, Joey and Terry knew all that they needed to know.

From that first day, that first beginning to always, they had invited love to seep in.  And so it forever will.

Nanowrimo10 total word count: 1,420.  Total wordcount to date:  4,720 of 50,000 (not including this notation)


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