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Little time remains to see the wonderful art installations on the playa in the six sims of Burn2.  Each year, my viewing approach seems consistently to include a heavy trek through all the sims during the second and final week of the annual event.  With only three-four days left now, don’t wait too much longer to check it all out if you haven’t yet.  The Playa holds a great deal of wonderful art to see and experience. 

Hualapai and Bordello sims were probably my favorite sims to visit.  I did visit Rabbit Hole, but sadly my photos didn’t make it to my hard drive.  Don’t know if it was an SL glitch or a computer hiccup or a weather thing (the wind storms have been positively ferocious; fiber optics or not, weather impacts the connection majorly, I’ve realized).  But glitches and hiccups and weather aside, here are the photos that did make it to my hard drive.  I’ve put them in slideshow with credits and links listed underneathe the slideshow.  I join the chorus of people who point to Honour McMillan’s excellent weblog series on Burn2.  Hers is a rich travelogue very well worth checking out.  So, be sure to stomp around the Playa…even if your visit if no longer early, well, then, make up for that by visiting completely beyond often in the short days remaining.

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Hualapai sim

Black Rock sim   (seems the landmarks in this sim default to this position but you can find the installations easily enough by walking a bit west and south of the landing point)

  • AM Radio’s installation
  • Bryn Oh’s installation

Bordello sim

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