Burn2 ~ Ten Thousand Things

I absolutely love Burning Life, this year referred to as Burn2. Every year, I look forward to this event, purely as a spectator, as an art enthusiast. There’s no other event quite like this two-week open explosion of creativity and celebration of the arts. And all of it happens on the austere canvas of the desert playa, the perfect backdrop on which to put expression to hand, completely unencumbered by routine or judgements of the day.

It’s true, I love Burn2 more than any other Burning Life event before because of all these reasons and most of all because my very wonderful amazing friend Dale created a wonderful build: Ten Thousand Things“Ten Thousand Things” is in the Hualapai sim of Burn2.   ”Ten Thousand Things” is an amazing feat in scripting that also celebrates the significance of the humble prim. Dale’s brilliance brings the prim to life before your eyes, where it regenerates endlessly into various shapes and textures and combinations.

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When you sit on the ledge of the viewing theatre that Dale created on his parcel and look into the viewport with mouselook, and study all the endless combinations and configurations of the prim, you can’t help but smile. You can’t help but realize that’s the foundation of our world. Mother Earth, Lady Gaia, The Good Prim: that’s where we live and play and feel, explore and connect and grow, create and express and celebrate. That’s what all the incredible artists like Dale and all those on the Playa began with and still use and create such astounding experiences from.

I made a short video (frustratingly low res but there’s a link to a high res version) that captures only some of the endlessly fascinating shapes created by Dale’s “Ten Thousand Things” installation…

For a high res version, click here

…but as Dale says within his installation description: “Be here now.” Indeed. If you haven’t yet, make sure to visit the “Ten Thousand Things” camp, relax in the meditation circle, play a color game from the comfort of a nearby recliner also at the build (and the color game also created by Dale…it’s addictive!), and then perch a comfy spot on the ledge of the large crate-like viewing theatre, take in the view as Dale’s art makes the prims come to life. You’ll find yourself smiling so wide in your mind and your heart at it all…truly, the beginnings and the always of it all.

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A child in the wild blue yonder...full blooded woman with the power just to be. ~ John Haitt

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