“Romance” is the second weblog challenge Strawberry Singh put forth on her wonderful weblog.  The specific challenge is for each weblogger who participates to share what personifies romance for them.  This weblog challenge is easy for me to answer because the answer comes from the heart. 

Love:  following the heart and soul, being present and accessible to all of the universe so as to hear and feel the heart’s song no matter what else is happening — routine or chaos — around you. 

Romance is the beautiful eternal dance of melding.  It is naturally, undeniably in sync with the rhythym of the hearts’ songs made one.  Romance is the tender, wide smile; the powerful, gentle form; the warm caress of skin.  Romance is the heated, lingering gaze; the generous, gorgeous and insightful spirit; the loving support and gentle even serious conversations.  It is the profile of quiet reflection, of amazing brilliance, of blissful dreams, of joyful chuckles.  Romance is the marvelling, celebrating, admiring, building with and sharing in and learning together.  It is all of this and so very very very much more. 

Indeed, at the very heart of it all, romance is the very thought, the very essence…of you.  Always.

Dress:  Solange’s “Holiday” dress in black/gold at the The Call for Couture Festival*

Hair:    Analog Dog’s “17” in dark

*The Call for Couture:  Over 150 designers created fashion, skins, hair and accessories for auction as well as a pre-a-porter variation for sale.   Many designers also have a booth with new or limited designs for sale.  The Festival is for the month of October and ends October 31st.  All donated proceeds go to The Samaritans charity (registered charity number 219432)


2 thoughts on “Romance

    1. Thank you so very much, Strawberry, for your kind words and for all the wonderful things you do on your weblog: from creating incredible art to sharing and helping others learn and grow. Thank you! 🙂

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