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Strawberry Singh began a series of weekly weblog challenges, and I thought I’d give it a try.  Her first challenge is to describe why a specific fashion designer is a favorite and how their work inspires.  I found this to be a difficult challenge.  There are so very many inworld designers whose work I truly enjoy.  They range from the big brand names, the early emerging creators to those who are relatively unknown.  So instead of identifying just one designer as my favorite above all others, I did the next best thing.  I jumped into my closet and decided to write about the designer whose work I found myself gravitating to at that precise moment.

Over the past 1-1/2 years, maybe a touch more, I’ve become increasingly familiar with Donna Flora’s creations.  I had first seen her work maybe 2-3 plus years ago really, back in the day when I windowshopped alot (because I prided myself on maintaining a very lean inventory:  5,000 items only…and I thought that was alot!).   There was something really fun about delaying gratification and waiting to make one or two purchases.  It made them all the more special.  Somewhere along the way, the dam on my spending discipline broke (I’m not really sure why that happened…I think it was when I discovered all these wonderful fashion weblogs) and when it did, I found myself going back to Donna Flora and snapping up a boatload.  For me, the reason is very simple.  Her designs are the epitome of the elegant, sensuous, intelligent and loving woman who arrives in that state of being – and stays there – quite naturally.  If Jacquie O were alive and inworld, she’d don Donna Flora.

Most definitely.  I show “Luciana” in bronze, which is a gorgeous creation that is designed from accessory to hem and everything in between.  Cast your gaze upon the graceful sweep of pearls that drapes the neckline.  That element alone echoes Jacquie O.  Jacquie O possessed one of the most gorgeous pearl collections bar none.  Yet none of them were real pearls.  You’d never know it, nor would you care, frankly, because of how the woman wore them.  The elegance in overall design paired with the woman’s graceful and rich depth of presence elevated the faux to the phenomenal.  And indeed into a legacy of world-renowned style and grace.  That’s very much the bearing every Donna Flora piece conveys:  a richness of presence and experiences, an open celebration of life’s beauty where and when and how it presents itself, a creating of history of present of possibilities of dreams of future…and all from a heart filled with devoted love, generous sensuality, and a steely intelligence.   Donna Flora celebrates and elevates Woman.  And to that I say, “ah…it is good to be a woman.  Indeed.”

Donna Flora dress:  “Luciana – Bronze”

Truth hair:   “Padma” (fat pack offered at a fat discounted rate as part of the 10.10.10 sale)

Kalnin shoe:   “Flirt”


2 thoughts on “Favorite Designer

  1. Wow, thank you for your kind words and for visiting! Please come back any time! I sooooo admire your weblog (I devour it daily) and photos and generosity in spirit…sharing tips and pointers, helping others and being so incredibly real and nice! Thank you!!

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