Beauty in Abundance

Strawberry’s third weekly weblog challenge focuses on “content creator appreciation”…in other words, spotlighting creators who do something above and beyond.   When I read this challenge, two creators immediately sprang to mind.  The reason, because they always provide so much bang for the lindens with every purchase that it’s almost like a party in a purchase.  Those two creators are Maris Kanto of Kalnin’s Fashion Shoes and Misteria Loon of Pas De Deux Fashion (romantic and fantasy-wear).

Misteria Loon of Pas De Deux. I have the distinct pleasure of knowing Misty, who is an incredibly talented Japanese designer and also fluent in English.  She is a generous, artistic, and wise soul who I met a couple of years ago when I helped uber-talented Shenlei Flasheart invite emerging designers to apprentice in the year-long Shengri La Vintage Marketplace that Shenlei had created.  Misty was our first “discovery.”  I found her in a small rental shop, where she sold at most two dresses and both at outrageously low prices.  But what really floored me was how each item was so gorgeously created, often from Misty’s real life nature photos.   And what then astounded me was how each of Misty’s dresses amounted to a complete wardrober.  Now many gorgeous dress creations later, Misty remains true to her roots and typically packages most of her dresses with at least three skirt options, sometimes four:  mini, cocktail, gown, and gown with train.   When I bought Misty’s gorgeous “Odetto & Odile” shown here, I received the dress in a complete black version and a complete white version with both versions including stockings and three skirt options.  Did I say “!”?  “!!!!” I say!  Honestly, I don’t know too many designers who provide so many options at such incredible price points and in such original designs.  The mood of Misty’s creations are always romantic, overtly feminine bordering on or outright into the realm of fantasy.  (Most recently, she has created a line of mer ensembles which is equally gorgeous and generous as well.)  With all the options she provides and the originality of her voice, Misty’s items are truly, quite literally Beauty in Abundance.

Maris Kanto creator of Kalnin’s  Shoes. I admit that I am not much of a shoe person.  Actually, that’s not quite accurate.  I’m very much a shoe person and I’m very much not a shoe person.  I love the freedom of bare feet, with either grass or sand or rug fibers or wind or fingers or kitten’s paws or wool socks tickling my toes.  Bare feet is my forever true love.  At the same time, I appreciate the art that is the shoe.  I love how just the right shoe can finish a look or create a mood.  And I so love slipping out of them or dangling them off.

When it comes to the art of the shoe, two shoe creators inworld catch my attention.  One of them also makes hair and clothes and poses.  But the line I never fail to check out is Maris Kanto’s Kalnin’s Fashion Shoes.  Each new release is listed at 50% off the full price for a limited period of time.  That’s the first attention-getter.  But even at full price, Kalnin Shoes are such an amazing creation and value it isn’t even funny.  Kalnin Shoes typically come with a hud that allows not only for skin matching, not only a color palette for toenail polish, but also a color palette that allows you to change the color of various parts of the shoe (the shoe, the foot bed, the straps, the heel) and the metal detailing.  The hud also allows for creating depth to the texture of the leather or the toenail polish by adding or removing shininess.  In essence, one pair of Kalnin Shoes is the equivalent of a mini fat pack with detailing options and all at a single purchase price point.

Lastly, many skin makers do this and I’m so glad that they are:  provide in a one purchase skins with cleavage, without cleavage, with hair base, without hair base, with freckles, without freckles, even with light-medium-dark eyebrows.  AtomicBambi’s new release “Noori” doesn’t provide the eyebrow options in one purchase, but it does provide the cleaveage, freckle, hairbase options in one purchase.  Love that.  Love this very yummy, dewy skin.  Love all the content creators like Misteria Loon of Pas De Deux, Maris Kanto of Kalnin’s Shoes, Atomic Bambi, among others, who make such wonderful beauty in abundance.

Credits and Taxis