Beauty in Abundance

Strawberry’s third weekly weblog challenge focuses on “content creator appreciation”…in other words, spotlighting creators who do something above and beyond.   When I read this challenge, two creators immediately sprang to mind.  The reason, because they always provide so much bang for the lindens with every purchase that it’s almost like a party in a purchase.  Those two creators are Maris Kanto of Kalnin’s Fashion Shoes and Misteria Loon of Pas De Deux Fashion (romantic and fantasy-wear).

Misteria Loon of Pas De Deux. I have the distinct pleasure of knowing Misty, who is an incredibly talented Japanese designer and also fluent in English.  She is a generous, artistic, and wise soul who I met a couple of years ago when I helped uber-talented Shenlei Flasheart invite emerging designers to apprentice in the year-long Shengri La Vintage Marketplace that Shenlei had created.  Misty was our first “discovery.”  I found her in a small rental shop, where she sold at most two dresses and both at outrageously low prices.  But what really floored me was how each item was so gorgeously created, often from Misty’s real life nature photos.   And what then astounded me was how each of Misty’s dresses amounted to a complete wardrober.  Now many gorgeous dress creations later, Misty remains true to her roots and typically packages most of her dresses with at least three skirt options, sometimes four:  mini, cocktail, gown, and gown with train.   When I bought Misty’s gorgeous “Odetto & Odile” shown here, I received the dress in a complete black version and a complete white version with both versions including stockings and three skirt options.  Did I say “!”?  “!!!!” I say!  Honestly, I don’t know too many designers who provide so many options at such incredible price points and in such original designs.  The mood of Misty’s creations are always romantic, overtly feminine bordering on or outright into the realm of fantasy.  (Most recently, she has created a line of mer ensembles which is equally gorgeous and generous as well.)  With all the options she provides and the originality of her voice, Misty’s items are truly, quite literally Beauty in Abundance.

Maris Kanto creator of Kalnin’s  Shoes. I admit that I am not much of a shoe person.  Actually, that’s not quite accurate.  I’m very much a shoe person and I’m very much not a shoe person.  I love the freedom of bare feet, with either grass or sand or rug fibers or wind or fingers or kitten’s paws or wool socks tickling my toes.  Bare feet is my forever true love.  At the same time, I appreciate the art that is the shoe.  I love how just the right shoe can finish a look or create a mood.  And I so love slipping out of them or dangling them off.

When it comes to the art of the shoe, two shoe creators inworld catch my attention.  One of them also makes hair and clothes and poses.  But the line I never fail to check out is Maris Kanto’s Kalnin’s Fashion Shoes.  Each new release is listed at 50% off the full price for a limited period of time.  That’s the first attention-getter.  But even at full price, Kalnin Shoes are such an amazing creation and value it isn’t even funny.  Kalnin Shoes typically come with a hud that allows not only for skin matching, not only a color palette for toenail polish, but also a color palette that allows you to change the color of various parts of the shoe (the shoe, the foot bed, the straps, the heel) and the metal detailing.  The hud also allows for creating depth to the texture of the leather or the toenail polish by adding or removing shininess.  In essence, one pair of Kalnin Shoes is the equivalent of a mini fat pack with detailing options and all at a single purchase price point.

Lastly, many skin makers do this and I’m so glad that they are:  provide in a one purchase skins with cleavage, without cleavage, with hair base, without hair base, with freckles, without freckles, even with light-medium-dark eyebrows.  AtomicBambi’s new release “Noori” doesn’t provide the eyebrow options in one purchase, but it does provide the cleaveage, freckle, hairbase options in one purchase.  Love that.  Love this very yummy, dewy skin.  Love all the content creators like Misteria Loon of Pas De Deux, Maris Kanto of Kalnin’s Shoes, Atomic Bambi, among others, who make such wonderful beauty in abundance.

Credits and Taxis


Burn2 ~ Photolog

Little time remains to see the wonderful art installations on the playa in the six sims of Burn2.  Each year, my viewing approach seems consistently to include a heavy trek through all the sims during the second and final week of the annual event.  With only three-four days left now, don’t wait too much longer to check it all out if you haven’t yet.  The Playa holds a great deal of wonderful art to see and experience. 

Hualapai and Bordello sims were probably my favorite sims to visit.  I did visit Rabbit Hole, but sadly my photos didn’t make it to my hard drive.  Don’t know if it was an SL glitch or a computer hiccup or a weather thing (the wind storms have been positively ferocious; fiber optics or not, weather impacts the connection majorly, I’ve realized).  But glitches and hiccups and weather aside, here are the photos that did make it to my hard drive.  I’ve put them in slideshow with credits and links listed underneathe the slideshow.  I join the chorus of people who point to Honour McMillan’s excellent weblog series on Burn2.  Hers is a rich travelogue very well worth checking out.  So, be sure to stomp around the Playa…even if your visit if no longer early, well, then, make up for that by visiting completely beyond often in the short days remaining.

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Hualapai sim

Black Rock sim   (seems the landmarks in this sim default to this position but you can find the installations easily enough by walking a bit west and south of the landing point)

  • AM Radio’s installation
  • Bryn Oh’s installation

Bordello sim

Burn2 ~ Ten Thousand Things

I absolutely love Burning Life, this year referred to as Burn2. Every year, I look forward to this event, purely as a spectator, as an art enthusiast. There’s no other event quite like this two-week open explosion of creativity and celebration of the arts. And all of it happens on the austere canvas of the desert playa, the perfect backdrop on which to put expression to hand, completely unencumbered by routine or judgements of the day.

It’s true, I love Burn2 more than any other Burning Life event before because of all these reasons and most of all because my very wonderful amazing friend Dale created a wonderful build: Ten Thousand Things“Ten Thousand Things” is in the Hualapai sim of Burn2.   ”Ten Thousand Things” is an amazing feat in scripting that also celebrates the significance of the humble prim. Dale’s brilliance brings the prim to life before your eyes, where it regenerates endlessly into various shapes and textures and combinations.

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When you sit on the ledge of the viewing theatre that Dale created on his parcel and look into the viewport with mouselook, and study all the endless combinations and configurations of the prim, you can’t help but smile. You can’t help but realize that’s the foundation of our world. Mother Earth, Lady Gaia, The Good Prim: that’s where we live and play and feel, explore and connect and grow, create and express and celebrate. That’s what all the incredible artists like Dale and all those on the Playa began with and still use and create such astounding experiences from.

I made a short video (frustratingly low res but there’s a link to a high res version) that captures only some of the endlessly fascinating shapes created by Dale’s “Ten Thousand Things” installation…

For a high res version, click here

…but as Dale says within his installation description: “Be here now.” Indeed. If you haven’t yet, make sure to visit the “Ten Thousand Things” camp, relax in the meditation circle, play a color game from the comfort of a nearby recliner also at the build (and the color game also created by Dale…it’s addictive!), and then perch a comfy spot on the ledge of the large crate-like viewing theatre, take in the view as Dale’s art makes the prims come to life. You’ll find yourself smiling so wide in your mind and your heart at it all…truly, the beginnings and the always of it all.


 “Romance” is the second weblog challenge Strawberry Singh put forth on her wonderful weblog.  The specific challenge is for each weblogger who participates to share what personifies romance for them.  This weblog challenge is easy for me to answer because the answer comes from the heart. 

Love:  following the heart and soul, being present and accessible to all of the universe so as to hear and feel the heart’s song no matter what else is happening — routine or chaos — around you. 

Romance is the beautiful eternal dance of melding.  It is naturally, undeniably in sync with the rhythym of the hearts’ songs made one.  Romance is the tender, wide smile; the powerful, gentle form; the warm caress of skin.  Romance is the heated, lingering gaze; the generous, gorgeous and insightful spirit; the loving support and gentle even serious conversations.  It is the profile of quiet reflection, of amazing brilliance, of blissful dreams, of joyful chuckles.  Romance is the marvelling, celebrating, admiring, building with and sharing in and learning together.  It is all of this and so very very very much more. 

Indeed, at the very heart of it all, romance is the very thought, the very essence…of you.  Always.

Dress:  Solange’s “Holiday” dress in black/gold at the The Call for Couture Festival*

Hair:    Analog Dog’s “17” in dark

*The Call for Couture:  Over 150 designers created fashion, skins, hair and accessories for auction as well as a pre-a-porter variation for sale.   Many designers also have a booth with new or limited designs for sale.  The Festival is for the month of October and ends October 31st.  All donated proceeds go to The Samaritans charity (registered charity number 219432)

Favorite Designer

Strawberry Singh began a series of weekly weblog challenges, and I thought I’d give it a try.  Her first challenge is to describe why a specific fashion designer is a favorite and how their work inspires.  I found this to be a difficult challenge.  There are so very many inworld designers whose work I truly enjoy.  They range from the big brand names, the early emerging creators to those who are relatively unknown.  So instead of identifying just one designer as my favorite above all others, I did the next best thing.  I jumped into my closet and decided to write about the designer whose work I found myself gravitating to at that precise moment.

Over the past 1-1/2 years, maybe a touch more, I’ve become increasingly familiar with Donna Flora’s creations.  I had first seen her work maybe 2-3 plus years ago really, back in the day when I windowshopped alot (because I prided myself on maintaining a very lean inventory:  5,000 items only…and I thought that was alot!).   There was something really fun about delaying gratification and waiting to make one or two purchases.  It made them all the more special.  Somewhere along the way, the dam on my spending discipline broke (I’m not really sure why that happened…I think it was when I discovered all these wonderful fashion weblogs) and when it did, I found myself going back to Donna Flora and snapping up a boatload.  For me, the reason is very simple.  Her designs are the epitome of the elegant, sensuous, intelligent and loving woman who arrives in that state of being – and stays there – quite naturally.  If Jacquie O were alive and inworld, she’d don Donna Flora.

Most definitely.  I show “Luciana” in bronze, which is a gorgeous creation that is designed from accessory to hem and everything in between.  Cast your gaze upon the graceful sweep of pearls that drapes the neckline.  That element alone echoes Jacquie O.  Jacquie O possessed one of the most gorgeous pearl collections bar none.  Yet none of them were real pearls.  You’d never know it, nor would you care, frankly, because of how the woman wore them.  The elegance in overall design paired with the woman’s graceful and rich depth of presence elevated the faux to the phenomenal.  And indeed into a legacy of world-renowned style and grace.  That’s very much the bearing every Donna Flora piece conveys:  a richness of presence and experiences, an open celebration of life’s beauty where and when and how it presents itself, a creating of history of present of possibilities of dreams of future…and all from a heart filled with devoted love, generous sensuality, and a steely intelligence.   Donna Flora celebrates and elevates Woman.  And to that I say, “ah…it is good to be a woman.  Indeed.”

Donna Flora dress:  “Luciana – Bronze”

Truth hair:   “Padma” (fat pack offered at a fat discounted rate as part of the 10.10.10 sale)

Kalnin shoe:   “Flirt”