Project Donate

When it comes to fashion, for me there is nothing better than when my lindens give me great creations but also when they help a worthwhile cause:  be that showcasing an amazing talent, supporting an emerging designer, or contributing to a chartiable event.   One such event is Project Donate, which runs from September 4-19th and was created by Truth Hawks with the intention of raising monies to help fund the UNICEF Pakistan Flood Crisis.  Many designers are participating in Project Donate.  Most have set their vendors so 100% of the proceeds go to UNICEF and many have created new items that can only be found at Project Donate.  Case in point:  Truth’s gorgeous “Aloha” hair, available only at Project Donate for a mere 500L for the fatpack with 100% of the proceeds going to UNICEF.  “Aloha” is a very romantic, naturally sexy hairstyle.

I pair “Aloha” with a fun top called “Punchie” (in violet) from E! Eclectic Accessories; this top is not at Project Donate, but another gorgeous top from E! called “Milla” is.  I picked up “Milla” as well in its pastel colorway, but I wanted something with more pop to go with the color in these great jeans, “Soho capri” from Kamikaze also at Project Donate.   “Punchie” from E! fit the bill perfectly.

When I put this look together, I realized that the new Phoenix viewer has the tattoo and alpha layers like those contained in Viewer 2 (which I still haven’t tried).  So thanks to the Phoenix viewer I can wear the Doc “8 Hole” boots I picked up at Project Donate because the boots require use of an alpha layer.  I can also wear a LeLutka skin called “Lola” that had been gathering dust in my closet because it required a viewer with tattoo layers.  It’s really wonderful to be able to switch out the lip colors (the tattoos) without ever changing the skin…very fun!   Now I can’t wait to get my hands on some of those face tattoos from incredible ink shops like HUZ, which also has a full body tattoo – “Henna Reborn” – at Project Donate.  Henna Reborn is simply gorgeous.

As are so many of the items at Project Donate.  For a list of designers, be sure to visit .  Or better yet, find out who’s there firsthand by taking the taxi directly to Project Donate, where you’ll pick up some great fashion that will also literally do a world of good.