Chouchou is a strikingly gorgeous setting for photographs and for any reason.  Every piece within the build is essential to its overall being.

Exemplary fashion mirrors that same breathtaking design standard and in doing so reveals unmistakeable, unifying clarity even in the midst of wild complexities.  In the Platinum Hunt, you’ll find that artistic sensibility demonstrated in wonderful creations from PurpleMoon, Heartsick, and Ploom.   The photos I show use windlight settings; slurls and fashion details are listed at the close of the weblog entry.

The Platinum Hunt (each item 10L):  Starting Point

Dress:  PurpleMoon’s “Gator,” which comes with short and long skirt attachments, string attachment that rests as an overlay on the skirt,  necklace alone or necklace-collar attachments (please note the long necklace I show is not part of the dress; the necklace that comes with Gator has a strong presence that rests on the collarbone.)

Skin:  Heartsick Skins “Illusion,” a beautifully pale hue with cherry lips.  Find it in the Platinum Hunt and you will receive this skin in all three tones:  Illusion, Rapture, and Soma, each with and without cleavage (medium or full) and each with or without beauty marks.

Hair:  Ploom’s “Dot” in the angelfood colorway.  For 10L, you receive the ginormous pack.  (Ploom is brought to SL by the same individuals who created Deviant Kitties.)

Locations:  Chouchou and Memento Mori in Chouchou V


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