The Platinum Hunt begins today.  In this hunt, you’ll find new fashion for 10L each from a wide variety of designers, many of them very popular.  Get thee hunting and gathering!  Here’s a taxi to the starting point.  And, to wet your appetite, here’s an entree of some of the wonderful items served up for 10L each on this hunt.

PurpleMoon’s “Reale” dress that I show with Rockberry’s “Kalista” skin:

Beautiful detailing on this dress:

Very soft “Kalista” skin with gentle brows from Rockberry.

T-Junction’s “Glitzy” bikini.  I  mix “Glitzy’s” cyan and pink together and show it in Mynerva’s drow skin (in “blue lips blue eyeband”).  The skin comes with drow ears and eyes in “Soulheart,” shown here:

Swansong’s “Essence” gown and Fume’s “Rosy Lace” dress, both shown again with Mynerva’s Drow skin:

Lovely “Rosy Lace” dress from Fume:

Wonderful drow skin from Mynerva, a skin shop with fantasy skins I really enjoy.  This has to be my favorite drow skin ever…and it comes with ears, eyes, and eyeliner.

Platinum, the most prized of all.  The hunt starts here!


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