Risk City

Sometimes it’s fun to poke about in the mess that is my inventory, now far exceeding the once lean max count of 2,000 items.  Despite the fact that it takes me far longer to get dressed than it ever did before (because I can’t seem to *find anything gahhh!*), there is still fun to be had with a gluttonous closet.  If one pays close enough attention to the folders as they bloat themselves out…errrr, load…. one may even find a landmark to a place they haven’t been before or find an item they haven’t worn before (in truth, didn’t realize they had) that was dropped on them for review.  In my case, I found both:  a landmark to Risk City, a wonderful art installation of about 15 different builds by the same artist; and a very comfy Oversized Boyfriend Shirt from Shush, which I show over a bra from Zaara’s Sumana lingerie (new, in crimson), along with Burleske Tights (white) and Dncorde Danse shoes (in market) from LeeZu.   A perfect ensemble to signal the pre-fall season, worn for a comfy weekend exploration of wonderful art from a talented and welcoming creator who took the time to say hi as I explored her installations.  Bring your poses for picture taking, or if you labor at finding any of your stuff in your closet, use several of the amusing poses the artist scattered about her builds.  You will then, as George Carlin said in his “Stuff” skit “…relax and enjoy it on that basis!”