Risk City

Sometimes it’s fun to poke about in the mess that is my inventory, now far exceeding the once lean max count of 2,000 items.  Despite the fact that it takes me far longer to get dressed than it ever did before (because I can’t seem to *find anything gahhh!*), there is still fun to be had with a gluttonous closet.  If one pays close enough attention to the folders as they bloat themselves out…errrr, load…. one may even find a landmark to a place they haven’t been before or find an item they haven’t worn before (in truth, didn’t realize they had) that was dropped on them for review.  In my case, I found both:  a landmark to Risk City, a wonderful art installation of about 15 different builds by the same artist; and a very comfy Oversized Boyfriend Shirt from Shush, which I show over a bra from Zaara’s Sumana lingerie (new, in crimson), along with Burleske Tights (white) and Dncorde Danse shoes (in market) from LeeZu.   A perfect ensemble to signal the pre-fall season, worn for a comfy weekend exploration of wonderful art from a talented and welcoming creator who took the time to say hi as I explored her installations.  Bring your poses for picture taking, or if you labor at finding any of your stuff in your closet, use several of the amusing poses the artist scattered about her builds.  You will then, as George Carlin said in his “Stuff” skit “…relax and enjoy it on that basis!”   



Chouchou is a strikingly gorgeous setting for photographs and for any reason.  Every piece within the build is essential to its overall being.

Exemplary fashion mirrors that same breathtaking design standard and in doing so reveals unmistakeable, unifying clarity even in the midst of wild complexities.  In the Platinum Hunt, you’ll find that artistic sensibility demonstrated in wonderful creations from PurpleMoon, Heartsick, and Ploom.   The photos I show use windlight settings; slurls and fashion details are listed at the close of the weblog entry.

The Platinum Hunt (each item 10L):  Starting Point

Dress:  PurpleMoon’s “Gator,” which comes with short and long skirt attachments, string attachment that rests as an overlay on the skirt,  necklace alone or necklace-collar attachments (please note the long necklace I show is not part of the dress; the necklace that comes with Gator has a strong presence that rests on the collarbone.)

Skin:  Heartsick Skins “Illusion,” a beautifully pale hue with cherry lips.  Find it in the Platinum Hunt and you will receive this skin in all three tones:  Illusion, Rapture, and Soma, each with and without cleavage (medium or full) and each with or without beauty marks.

Hair:  Ploom’s “Dot” in the angelfood colorway.  For 10L, you receive the ginormous pack.  (Ploom is brought to SL by the same individuals who created Deviant Kitties.)

Locations:  Chouchou and Memento Mori in Chouchou V


…an awe-inspiring demonstration of uncommon thinking.  In the spirit of the essential beauty that is Chouchou and its sister build Memento Mori in Chouchou V, the visuals here hint at the full description of this truly incredible artistic feat.  To feel the emotional impact of the place, go there and immerse yourself in its wonders.

Location:  Mement Mori in Chouchou V

Official Chouchou YouTube Video:


The Platinum Hunt begins today.  In this hunt, you’ll find new fashion for 10L each from a wide variety of designers, many of them very popular.  Get thee hunting and gathering!  Here’s a taxi to the starting point.  And, to wet your appetite, here’s an entree of some of the wonderful items served up for 10L each on this hunt.

PurpleMoon’s “Reale” dress that I show with Rockberry’s “Kalista” skin:

Beautiful detailing on this dress:

Very soft “Kalista” skin with gentle brows from Rockberry.

T-Junction’s “Glitzy” bikini.  I  mix “Glitzy’s” cyan and pink together and show it in Mynerva’s drow skin (in “blue lips blue eyeband”).  The skin comes with drow ears and eyes in “Soulheart,” shown here:

Swansong’s “Essence” gown and Fume’s “Rosy Lace” dress, both shown again with Mynerva’s Drow skin:

Lovely “Rosy Lace” dress from Fume:

Wonderful drow skin from Mynerva, a skin shop with fantasy skins I really enjoy.  This has to be my favorite drow skin ever…and it comes with ears, eyes, and eyeliner.

Platinum, the most prized of all.  The hunt starts here!

Beautifully Uncommon

The other day, I wrote about and showed two pieces of art inspired by Dale’s amazing “Thingmaker” invention and brought to wearable form by Alpha Tribe.   Dale’s “Thingmaker” makes all kinds of shapes and patterns with a randomness in sizes, designs, colors and levels of transparencies.  From these shapes, Alpha Tribe created amazing NPIRL hair, three thusfar:  “Pillow” and “Array,” which I showcased the other day, and “Magnolia,” which I am equally thrilled to share today.

Look at this beauty.  In this photo, I wear “Magnolia” with a skin hairbase to show how Magnolia looks with the scalp filled in.  What tickles me a bit is finding in my closet the dress that I show and that fits the mood and look of “Magnolia” like a hand in a glove.  The dress is an “oldie but goodie” from Alpha Tribe, ironically enough.  I have had this dress for quite a while now and am just delighted by how beautifully the signature of the gown matches the signature of the Thingmaker shapes used to created “Magnolia.”

In the next photos, I show how “Magnolia” looks just as lovely without a hairbase.  I love to wear these wonderful creations both ways, with and without a hairbase.  More often then not, I find myself wearing them without a hairbase because many of my skins seem to produce a low hairline on my shape.   Plus, I do love the shape of my head and how a clean scalp truly showcases these amazing creations.

I know I showed “Array” yesterday but I had to show it again after finding this great outfit lurking in my closet that I completely forgot about.  The two work so gorgeously together.

Just like amazing Dale’s wonderful “Thingmaker” and Alpha Tribe.

Pick up a copy of Dale’s “Thingmaker” on xstreet.  You’ll find yourself as fascinated and inspired by its endless stream of creations.  Get your Thingmaker-inspired creations by visiting Alpha Tribe where you will find “Pillow,” “Array,” and “Magnolia.”   For the perfect setting for photos in these hairs, head over to “It was a Blur” and check out Radio Signal’s wonderful art installation (through mid-August)…and wonderful art posted on Radio’s weblog.

All the way around…Beautifully Uncommon.