Love … the Good Earth

In summer, I feel compelled to fling my shoes aside and plunk my toes and feet into the grass, into the soil, into the sand, into the sea, into the Good Earth.  That holds true even when I’m dressed up, although there are times when I keep the shoes on to complete the presentation of being woman.  Still…heels won’t stop me from wading in the sea.  In this case, while I show an item at the Summer of Love from  “Another summer in red” is the epitome of a summer dress:

Who needs a grilled street vent to stand over to cool off?  This dress is as light, pleasing, and refreshing as sorbet.  It drapes cleanly yet has a playful flounce in the skirt when you move about:

The skin I show is also at the Summer of Love fair.  I’m wearing “Stella 2” in blue eyeshadow from Tik Tok.  This is a fresh skin with dewy lips that is early in its bloom and perfect for a dress that epitomizes hawt ingenue and wisely leaves more to the imagination.  Here are two closeups:

 And full-on:

As the finishing touch to the entire creamy blue-sky look, I’m wearing “Indian Summer” in red from Cocoon Jewelry.  Cocoon Jewelry is not at the Summer of Love fair, but do take the taxi to Cocoon and visit.  You will find the trip is more than well worth it.  Yoona Mayo, the creator of Cocoon, is an exceedingly talented, sweet, generous soul who transforms prims into jewelry like nobody’s business.  Take a look at the absolutely gorgeous craftsmanship in the “Indian Summer” set, earrings and necklace.  You will want to snap it up because of its incredible loveliness:

I show Yoona’s “Indian Summer” in the midnight setting (above) so as to “pop” the incredible amount of detailing and heart Yoona gives each of her pieces.  But the truth is you don’t need windlight or special settings to see the glory of Yoona’s creations:

Mindboggingly easy going and gorgeous.  As is the entire look.  It’s definitely a good reason to take your feet out of the grass and head over to the Summer of Love fair, which also contains information on mental health awareness, and Cocoon Jewelry, which contains gorgeous jewelry creations.

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