Love … Every which way

But loose, which happens to be exactly how you’ll find yourself stacking items on this great shelf ladder.  Loosely, hither, and yon.  Before I describe the shelf system a bit, just a heads-up that I will feature several items from the Summer of Love fashion fair in this entry.  I will also feature a necklace and earring set that isn’t at the Summer of Love fashion fair but it works so well with the dress that I couldn’t resist showing it.

First things first:  this great shelf system — Summer Knick-Knack and Decor from What Next — comes complete with its own shadow and a color changing hud with five color choices.  I show it in blue.  The items displayed include a lit candle with a warm glow, a flower vase with flowers and its own shadow, and a stack of books with its own shadow, and they all come with this system.

The shelf ladder is such a cute little item I couldn’t help but purchase it.  There’s something so very ocean breeze about it — between the wonderful sea blue color, the openness of the system, and the homey comfort items — it just soothes and makes me want to curl up on a beach chair with my toes in the sand and one of the books in my lap.  (As an aside, I’m currently reading “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”  It’s interesting but contains so very many subplots it will be fascinating to see how the author ties it all up.)

Now the dress isn’t exactly ocean breeze, I admit.  But you know, it leaped upon me from my closet and has a satin floral gown top that matched the shelf ladder, so it was meant to be…even if the gown appears a bit contrarian for an ocean-breezey context.  The dress is called “Darkest Summer Dress” and I show it with the silver top.  Here’s the view from behind:

And again the view from the front:

You may find yourself strolling on the beach in this gown or attending an outdoor summer party.  Despite its name, Darkest Summer Dress is truly light in mood.  Accessorize the gown with some light beautiful  jewelry and it can easily go from relaxed to formal and back again.  The armbands called “Summer” that I show in blue are from LOULOU&CO at the Summer of Love, and they epitomize spectacular craftsmanship:

A closeup of the detail of the piece says all that needs to be said about the armbands.  They’re gorgeous.  As is the Rockberry skin “Kalista” in tan with brown brows, also at the Summer of Love fair.  I do love the softened brow (arch and color) in this Rockberry skin, which previously tended to have a more painted-on look.  This Rockberry skin is much softer in the brow, although for my taste it is a little bit heavy in eye concealer or highlight (under the lower lashes).  Evenso, it’s still a lovely skin:

Lastly, I show the item that is not at the Summer of Love (but the slurl for which is in the shop name that follows).  The “Spring Pearls” ensemble from Eclectica Jewellery works beautifully with this skin and look…and in truth with any skin or look.  Tiffy’s artistry with her line just never fails, and her “Spring Pearls” (shown in lilac) is no exception.  Within this review, I realize I mixed the jewelry metals from the armbands to the necklace, but that’s okay.  This post is all about playful easy-going surprise.  There’s so much creative fun in the play of taking these pieces — settings, clothes, accessories — pairing them in different ways and making them your own.  Here’s another closeup of “Spring Pearls,” which comes with earrings and a bracelet along with the necklace:

There’s a whole lotta love in the wonderful creations at Electica Jewellery.  And a whole lotta love at the Summer of Love, both with great items and great information about mental health issues. 

Fashion Recap … Must-Have Jewelry not at the Fair: 

Fashion Recap …Summer of Love items:

  • Summer Shelf Knick-Knack and Decor from WhatNext
  • Darkest Summer Dress in Silver
  • Summer Armbands from LOULOU&CO
  • Kalista skin in Tan with Brown Brows from Rockberry

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