Uncommon Thinkers…Uncommon Creators

One of the things I love about second life is its extraordinary creativity.  In this case, I’m not taking about the platform itself (although it is incredible) but instead I mean the extraordinary talents of individuals who make and achieve amazing things.  Those that thrill me the most are in the NPIRL genre, although I definitely admire all creations inworld whether NPIRL or not.  But I have to admit that I am simply astounded by those who are able to bring to life something that otherwise wouldn’t have been imagined or seen.   I honestly believe the truth of it all is that very few can do this or do this very well over time.  Yet, there are those who possess an innate brilliance and creativity….like my very very dear wonderful amazing friend Dale.

I am so completely thrilled to brag on Dale because Dale is so wildly incredible and wonderful in so very many ways and in so many worlds, including the art world.  Through a series of happenings that Dale shares here, Dale’s brilliant invention called the “Thingmaker” caught the eye of one of the Alpha Tribe creators.  Dale’s Thingmaker makes random things…all kinds of shapes and patterns of shapes or randomness of shapes and sizes and colors and levels of transparencies.  Each time the Thingmaker creates a whole other newness.  Which is to say that it is brilliantly self-creating and makes original newness each time.   Wow’d by this (as I am and everyone else who sees Dale’s creations), Alpha Tribe shares in their weblog how they now use the living art of the Thingmaker to make wonderfully imaginative NPIRL hair.

Here is very very dear wonderful friend Dale (right) and me as we wear the “Pillow” hair that was created from the collaboration between Dale and the Alpha Tribe group.   Dale shows it in black; I show it in white; and we both show it fit for the phenomenal, quite honestly.   I absolutely love this hair.  It is so gorgeously far beyond the realm of the conventional or the commonplace; so beautifully in the realm of the evocative and artistic, the futuristic and otherworldly.  Even when worn with a basic top and pants.  (We visited “Blur” and found it to be the perfect backdrop.)

Here’s a side view of Pillow.  Notice its softly tendrils flowing gently with each movement.

“Pillow” is an echo of another time and place.  It makes me want to find the most cleanly elaborate, finely detailed majestic fantasy outfit to do justice to the regal and imaginative glory of the hair.  “Array” compels the same reaction, and yet like “Pillow”, “Array” also looks unquestioningly phenomenal when showcased as an ensemble’s main focus.  Take a gander:

Utterly amazing and so wildly unlike anything you will see or find anywhere else inworld.  Simply put, the Thingmaker-inspired hairs are haute couture.  That’s not a phrase I use liberally because it’s reserved for fashion that is high art, but that’s exactly what these pieces are.  Glorious, original, wonderful, soaring art the likes of which to make Lady Gaga envious.  And brought about by a serendipitous collaboration of the most natural, fantastical, and brilliant sort.

Get your Thingmaker-inspired creations by visiting Alpha Tribe where you will find “Pillow” and “Array” (with my post on “Magnolia” — the third in the series thusfar — to be published tomorrow).   To marvel at the Thingmaker itself in action, pick up your own copy of it on xstreet.  I have one and am constantly fascinated by its endless stream of creations…and its truly amazing wonderful creator.


It was a Blur is an impactful melding of art and fashion, a dream-state event created by Radio Signals that transcends the commonplace.  Radio’s description of the installation:  

Do you remember? It went by so fast. It’s fuzzy. Hard to pin down. You will find items (free and for sale) scattered around the floor about the sculptures. These are items created by our artists to help you blur with the environment. As a viewer of the art you are a participant of the art. You are the art itself. There are also poses, animations, sounds, and machinima to aid in your participation and full realization of the works. This is not a static artwork but rather a 4 week experience, after which it will only have been a blur.

I encourage you to explore, imagine, read, blend in, and blur.  To be a native in this strange land, to take photographs and create derivative works out of the art available for your blogs and walls.

-Radio Signals

Blur’s monochromatic minimalism is captivating and renders evocative images that also prove to be wonderful backdrops for photographs.  There are also wonderful fashion creations to be had there, such as the items in this post:  Miel Blur Dress; Miel Wed Hair; Sanu Blur Monocle; Sanu Blur Earrings.  I’ve visited Blur a couple of times already and plan to return there for as long as the installation is open (through mid August).  If you haven’t yet been to Blur, do visit. 

Love … Flora

The Summer of Love fashion fair runs until the first couple of weeks of August, I believe.  The fair provides great fashion for sale (not a charitable event).  But along with a plethora of fashion at the Summer of Love, you’ll also find a great deal of information about mental health issues.  In this case, the information focuses on understanding abusive relationships and strengthening self-esteem.   The concept of combining fashion with mental health knowledge is something that speaks to the well-rounded intelligent beauty within.  As does the wonderful fashion on display.  Specifically for this entry, Donna Flora’s “Fada” dress and her “Sally” necklace and earrings set.   

I have several Donna Flora pieces, and I delight in them all.  They are beautiful creations that run the gamut from dresses, gowns, flexis, and sculpties.  I admit that I’m much more inclined to wear a flexi skirt as opposed to a sculpted one (because sculpted pieces tend to look overwhelming and clunky on my curvy shape), but evenso, the sculpting in Flora’s “Fada” manages to be soft and gentle somehow.  In “Fada,” I feel like a delicate songbird that is strong and melodious in voice and tone…one that sings Flora’s praises for her incredible eye and skill in the creation of her dresses, yes.  But also more…

“Sally” — Flora’s jewelry set (necklace and earrings) — joins the chorus singing of the designer’s impeccible talents.  “Sally” is very Jackie O in feel, guaranteeing a timeless elegance that is purely innate to the creation.  Although “Fada” and “Sally” are separate pieces, they suit each other perfectly…in color, texture, proportion, presence.  Adding to the wonderful harmony of this look is the skin I show from Lara Skin called “Sophie” (also at the Summer of Love).  I’m wearing “Sophie” in Fair, which calls forth the perfect peaches and cream summer day theme that’s carried so gently throughout the dress and the jewelry set.

To find these lovely creations and more, do fly on over to the Summer of Love over the next couple of weeks.  Then if you have time and interest, head on over to Blur where I snapped these images.  Tomorrow, I plan to post an entry on a creation I picked up at Blur.  The two venues have quite different themes, but they are both equally filled with wonderful artistry and worthwhile stops to make along your many journeys on the grid.

Love … the Good Earth

In summer, I feel compelled to fling my shoes aside and plunk my toes and feet into the grass, into the soil, into the sand, into the sea, into the Good Earth.  That holds true even when I’m dressed up, although there are times when I keep the shoes on to complete the presentation of being woman.  Still…heels won’t stop me from wading in the sea.  In this case, while I show an item at the Summer of Love from Ticket.me.  “Another summer in red” is the epitome of a summer dress:

Who needs a grilled street vent to stand over to cool off?  This dress is as light, pleasing, and refreshing as sorbet.  It drapes cleanly yet has a playful flounce in the skirt when you move about:

The skin I show is also at the Summer of Love fair.  I’m wearing “Stella 2” in blue eyeshadow from Tik Tok.  This is a fresh skin with dewy lips that is early in its bloom and perfect for a dress that epitomizes hawt ingenue and wisely leaves more to the imagination.  Here are two closeups:

 And full-on:

As the finishing touch to the entire creamy blue-sky look, I’m wearing “Indian Summer” in red from Cocoon Jewelry.  Cocoon Jewelry is not at the Summer of Love fair, but do take the taxi to Cocoon and visit.  You will find the trip is more than well worth it.  Yoona Mayo, the creator of Cocoon, is an exceedingly talented, sweet, generous soul who transforms prims into jewelry like nobody’s business.  Take a look at the absolutely gorgeous craftsmanship in the “Indian Summer” set, earrings and necklace.  You will want to snap it up because of its incredible loveliness:

I show Yoona’s “Indian Summer” in the midnight setting (above) so as to “pop” the incredible amount of detailing and heart Yoona gives each of her pieces.  But the truth is you don’t need windlight or special settings to see the glory of Yoona’s creations:

Mindboggingly easy going and gorgeous.  As is the entire look.  It’s definitely a good reason to take your feet out of the grass and head over to the Summer of Love fair, which also contains information on mental health awareness, and Cocoon Jewelry, which contains gorgeous jewelry creations.

Love … Every which way

But loose, which happens to be exactly how you’ll find yourself stacking items on this great shelf ladder.  Loosely, hither, and yon.  Before I describe the shelf system a bit, just a heads-up that I will feature several items from the Summer of Love fashion fair in this entry.  I will also feature a necklace and earring set that isn’t at the Summer of Love fashion fair but it works so well with the dress that I couldn’t resist showing it.

First things first:  this great shelf system — Summer Knick-Knack and Decor from What Next — comes complete with its own shadow and a color changing hud with five color choices.  I show it in blue.  The items displayed include a lit candle with a warm glow, a flower vase with flowers and its own shadow, and a stack of books with its own shadow, and they all come with this system.

The shelf ladder is such a cute little item I couldn’t help but purchase it.  There’s something so very ocean breeze about it — between the wonderful sea blue color, the openness of the system, and the homey comfort items — it just soothes and makes me want to curl up on a beach chair with my toes in the sand and one of the books in my lap.  (As an aside, I’m currently reading “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”  It’s interesting but contains so very many subplots it will be fascinating to see how the author ties it all up.)

Now the dress isn’t exactly ocean breeze, I admit.  But you know, it leaped upon me from my closet and has a satin floral gown top that matched the shelf ladder, so it was meant to be…even if the gown appears a bit contrarian for an ocean-breezey context.  The dress is called “Darkest Summer Dress” and I show it with the silver top.  Here’s the view from behind:

And again the view from the front:

You may find yourself strolling on the beach in this gown or attending an outdoor summer party.  Despite its name, Darkest Summer Dress is truly light in mood.  Accessorize the gown with some light beautiful  jewelry and it can easily go from relaxed to formal and back again.  The armbands called “Summer” that I show in blue are from LOULOU&CO at the Summer of Love, and they epitomize spectacular craftsmanship:

A closeup of the detail of the piece says all that needs to be said about the armbands.  They’re gorgeous.  As is the Rockberry skin “Kalista” in tan with brown brows, also at the Summer of Love fair.  I do love the softened brow (arch and color) in this Rockberry skin, which previously tended to have a more painted-on look.  This Rockberry skin is much softer in the brow, although for my taste it is a little bit heavy in eye concealer or highlight (under the lower lashes).  Evenso, it’s still a lovely skin:

Lastly, I show the item that is not at the Summer of Love (but the slurl for which is in the shop name that follows).  The “Spring Pearls” ensemble from Eclectica Jewellery works beautifully with this skin and look…and in truth with any skin or look.  Tiffy’s artistry with her line just never fails, and her “Spring Pearls” (shown in lilac) is no exception.  Within this review, I realize I mixed the jewelry metals from the armbands to the necklace, but that’s okay.  This post is all about playful easy-going surprise.  There’s so much creative fun in the play of taking these pieces — settings, clothes, accessories — pairing them in different ways and making them your own.  Here’s another closeup of “Spring Pearls,” which comes with earrings and a bracelet along with the necklace:

There’s a whole lotta love in the wonderful creations at Electica Jewellery.  And a whole lotta love at the Summer of Love, both with great items and great information about mental health issues. 

Fashion Recap … Must-Have Jewelry not at the Fair: 

Fashion Recap …Summer of Love items:

  • Summer Shelf Knick-Knack and Decor from WhatNext
  • Darkest Summer Dress in Silver
  • Summer Armbands from LOULOU&CO
  • Kalista skin in Tan with Brown Brows from Rockberry

Love … Butterfly

What could be more appropriate for the heat of the season to bring than the Summer of Love.   The Summer of Love fashion fair is conceived and organized by the same talented souls who brought us the Black & Blue Fair…Fashion for Mental Health Awareness.  The Summer of Love takes that same concept — mixing wonderful fashion with information to create mental health awareness — and extends the concept by focusing the information on abusive relationships and self-esteem issues.  As with the Black & Blue Fair, the Summer of Love is not a charity.  So even though the lindens do not go to a charity, this is a wonderful event I can get behind because love and a healthy self love are powers that I fully believe in.

Here then is something I forever completely adore…a gorgeous butterfly.

This ensemble from N1CO called “Ileana” is an amazing creation of fantasy wear.  When you wear “Ileana,” you emerge out of a cocoon of bodywear and prims into the wings and fluttering trails of butterflies that alight about you in a blissful dance.

To complete the feeling of being enveloped by the gorgeous creature, the gown’s front gathering is made of an adornment (with feelers) that resembles the body of a beautiful butterfly.  The butterfly trails and feelers flow gracefully about you, joyfully kissing your every movement from every angle:

I took the photos of this amazing creation while in Chakryn Forest, but I also took some photos on a white screen to show the detail in the tendrils…and also to show how beautiful the gown looks even if you should opt not to wear the skirt portion with the front feelers. For example:

Do note there are gentle back feelers that attach to the back of the shoulder strap.  Also note that the hair and the gloves come with this purchase.  Indeed, this entire ensemble, look, and statement bursts with a wonderfulness that won’t be denied.  Perfect, not only for a summer of love, but perfect, indeed, for an eternity of love.  My butterfly and I.


In my search for fantastical scenery today, I came across Utopia, an incredible Bryn Oh build.   Utopia is a place that requires very few, if any, words.  But what it does require is your participation, because only through actively committing yourself to it does Utopia come alive. 

There’s something incredibly insightful about the way Bryn Oh took that value statement and gave it form, yes, but only when each of us begins to interact with this wondrous art installation.  That is to say that Utopia is interactive…in a manner that is delightful, captivating, confounding, and sometimes quite unknown.  It’s really something to be experienced more than it is to be described.  What I will say before closing this entry with a flood of images (I couldn’t stop taking them) and before revisiting the build is that Utopia is a profound orchestra of minimalism, wild complexities, and a whole lot of heart and soul all at once.  Do explore there and indeed, discover how your own person makes Utopia come alive.