Internal Editor

The personification of my writing process:

Today is the final day of the BBBC 2010 event.  The question posed is along the lines of “what did you learn from the experience.” 

I learned my writing process itself has form and shape and a distinct will.  When manifested, it often resembles the creature in the photo above.  That creature is me when the internal editor becomes larger than life.   Some of what I mean by that is that my internal editor seems to need to define a structure before allowing the creative muse to have voice.  And sometimes that’s so exasperating, yes, but on the other hand, it’s something (a process) entirely known to me.  During last year’s BBBC, instead of writing about the daily BBBC topic, I chose to write a 5-day short story based on a random image each day.  On the first day, the photo and writing were purely random, purely creative.  Whatever struck me in that moment about the image.  But with each day I found myself connecting the story and being much more deliberate with words and action, much more deliberate each time I scanned my harddrive for photos to continue the story thread.  It was great fun to write a mini story over five days.  But truthfully, the first day was the day I really felt the most unencumbered by my internal editor.  

I thought I would challenge that this year, but I realize now that the theme of a theme continues!   This, even despite the fact that I randomly answered some of the BBBC daily challenges and others I didn’t, choosing instead to write whatever struck my fancy.  But what unified the five entries (including this one) was the theme of creativity, or beginner’s mind, or uncommon thinking, or exploring another perspective…maybe even gleening some of what we don’t know we don’t know.  Even just a little bit or if only for a moment.

What I do know is that the BBBC provides a wonderful opportunity for “being in the doing” and if you so desire, for challenging your own processes.  Next year, I hope to make my entries completely chaotic and random, even while knowing that my writing process can be quite formidable.  I mean just look at it!  Yet I also know that there’s something somehow cute and endearing about it.  Maybe because I’ve wrestled with it just about everytime I’ve stared down a blank page. 

The nice thing is…I’m beginning to see a smile on the little monster.

BBBC 2010 … Day 6 (and finale, until next year!  Thank you, Alicia, for doing this every year!)


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