Odd Ball State of Mind

Today’s BBBC 2010 asks if our inworld persons are the same as our biological age, which I assume is asking about some kind of social construct or expectation about how one should behave at certain numbers beyond the birth date.  Every time I think about this question, my immediate response is “age is a state of mind.”  What’s the expectation for behavior at 21, 25, 35-1/2, for example?  Or even at 1 rez year, 2 rez years, 3-1/2 rez years as I find myself to be?  There are times when I’m still quite a newbie (I rezzed a box on my body just the other night)…and I’m actually grateful for the Beginner’s Mind.

Out of curiousity, I did a google search on the construct of age, found a number of links discussing the topic, and came across a viewpoint somewhere that I thought reflected what I think about the question.  It basically said:  transitions in age and relative status are not uniform…where a child ends and an adult begins is purely social.

That’s a picture of me playing in my closet (sometimes otherwise known as sorting inventory) while dancing at the Odd Ball.

So, how old am I?  Beginner’s Mind old…which means to say old enough to cherish creativity and an openness to learn.  Old enough to know that no one, including me, knows it all.

BBBC Day 4


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