Breaking the Fourth Wall

This Ted video of John Underkoffler’s talk as he demonstrates a 3D user interface is rated as “jaw dropping.”   I’m still picking mine up from the keyboard.   Blurring the digital and atomic spatial worlds like this is an incredible demonstration of Uncommon Thinking, the start of which began 15 years ago in this case and happened to be used in the movie “Minority Report.”  In the video, Underkoffler envisions that this type of technology will be made universally available within 5 years.   Presently it’s used heavily within certain industry pockets.

I marvel at this.  I have no idea how all of this is done (it’s clearly way over my head) or whether or not it will become standard in every computer within 5 years.  (And when it does, I’ll be interfacing with my hands over my head in a tai-chi way.)  But irrespective of the if or when, what becomes glaringly apparent – among so many things with this – is how profoundly short-sighted it is to chase fads or the monster hits of the moment. 

It’s so equally apparent how the velocity of change has completely redefined how “far out” the future might be when it comes to articulating and enacting a strategic vision.  Strategic plans used to be 10 years out.  Then five years out.  Then three years out.  Now a one-year plan is called “strategic”…but my hunch is that a one-year plan is still a reactionary position, one that chases opportunities others created, established, and capitalized upon far earlier.  The truly inspired, uncommon envisioning seems to have a much longer lifecycle…there’s something profoundly challenging about that in the face of exponential change (those muses have be really incredible!) and something really inspiring about such incredible depth of vision.

BBBC Day 5


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