Creatives Uncommon

There are so many incredibly creative souls inworld.  Their range and talents are just as great as their numbers.  Individually and collectively within the culture, they bring through their talents and presence diversity and surprise; they provoke thought and feelings.  They are part of the very fabric of the SL community…at one with it, an integral part of it…with many wholly removed from the Tyranny of Conformity. 

 A few days ago, a group chat came in with an announcement that ColeMarie was singing.  I hadn’t heard Cole sing in maybe a year, but I remembered her voice as if I had just heard her sing a week ago.  She is quite a talented singer among her many talents.  When I tp’d into her performance, I cammed in after everything had rezzed and I spotted Cole singing from within the audience (not separated away from the audience from the use of a stage, tellingly enough).  She sat next to her friend Bryn Oh and other friends nearby.   And so I took their picture…as much in celebration of their talents and friendship, yes.  But equally as a gentle reminder that all of us come from this same creative fabric.  In whatever way we hone our craft, in whatever way we contribute to this wonderfully imaginative community by being present and actively participating.  Indeed, all of us are Creatives Uncommon.

BBBC Day 3


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