BBBC 1 of 7 & B&B Fair

Last year I participated in Alicia Chenaux’s “Big Bad Blogger Challenge”.   I enjoyed it immensely.  That says alot coming from someone whose writing process is anything but elegant or easy to come by.  Today, I learned that “BBBC 2010” is on, and so I’m leaping in again, because – to answer Alicia’s BBBC Question for Day 1 – the reason I post to my weblog is the same reason I’m doing this challenge.  I love to write.  Well, I don’t always love to write (it’s that process thing again) but I do so love the well-written word and I do so love to dive into that craft as often as I can.   Truth be told, sometimes I like to be silent because a good part of my RL work involves extensive writing.  (I’m just not into the whole scaling or volume thing, even when it comes to writing.)  I view my weblog as a creative medium.  For me it’s much less a diary (sl, FL, or otherwise); it’s much more a canvas on which to express.  For the last two years, that’s probably been most apparent each November during National Novel Writing Month when participants are challenged to throw down 50,000 words in 30 days.  Since I began participating in NaNoWriMo, I’ve made the 50,000+ words two out of two years but so far not within the 30 day period…unlike my very dear wonderful friend who inspired me to participate and who has reached 50,000+ words in 30 days or less every year of the what past 9 years of NaNoWriMo’s existence!  For me, I seem to need about 45-60 days even though I really don’t slack with it.  The thing is, it’s not an easy challenge, but it’s a wonderful one because the time constraint forces you to possibly take on a new writing process or to change your perspective or habits with the process.  Much like the BBBC does.  So why else do I post?  I’ve posted my RL sketches, observations about life (second or otherwise) in this fascinating age we find ourselves active participants in.  I also like to share inworld photos (a creative endeavor I continue to work hard to develop), with those photos of fascinating and wonderful creations inworld, be they of places or fashion or art or the like.  I love to showcase fun things, serious things, provocative things, confusing things, obscure things, strange things, things to learn about, things to learn from.  Pretty much in all cases I love to write about those things that might also have a message or purpose I can get behind.  Things like Burning Life, Relay for Life, supporting new or emerging designers…or (cue segue) the Black & Blue Fair…Fashion for Mental Health Awareness

The B&B Fair is not a charitable event, but it is a venue to share information on mental health issues along with some fun fashion, like A&M’s “long tank dress.”  In the first photo, I wear the dress as a dark elf, showing it accessorized to the hilt.  In the next photos, I wear it as a pin-up babe, showing the dress as it comes…a simple striped navy tank dress that is easy to wear, with layers for knee warmers and elbow warmers if you’re so inclined.  As for the boots, they’re from Dilly Dolls and are called “Pansa” and “Danielle”.  (I forget which is which in the photos.)  They’re at the B&B Fair, and they’re fun and scripted for color changing…yet another thing I can totally get behind!


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