B&B Fair … Alexohol

One of my personal favorite quotes from Einstein is this:  “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”   Well, genuises like Einstein should know. 

When it comes to fashion, I always like to use my imagination — even if only here and there — to make the look my own.  From Alexohol fashion come two beachwear designs that can be found at the Black & Blue Fair – Fashion for Mental Health Awareness.  The first that I show is Alexohol’s “Rum Runner,” which is a jazzy little ensemble.  It’s beachwear that’s more like a kite-string corset with a bikini.  Throw on a hat of the Rat Pack persuasion, toss on some heels and you’re not only fierce but saucy too.

For more of a rugged, kicked back look, I pair Alexohol’s sporty “Coast line” bikini, with a knit hat and hiking boots.


You can leave your hat on…with Alexohol’s beachwear, you’ll want to leave everything else on too.  And still leave enough smoking hotness for the imagination.


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