B&B Fair…is Open!

The Black & Blue Fair – Fashion for Mental Health Awareness has officially opened.  Grab a ride there and find gorgeous fashion, skins, poses and the like from a multitude of favorite designers.  As importantly while you’re there, take a quick read of the signs that are placed among the fashion to learn a bit about issues related to mental health.   With some purchases, you’ll receive a more detailed notecard about a particular mental health issue.  For example, one of the notecards I received provided information on panic attacks.  I experienced a couple of those many, many years ago, and with the right help, I learned how to overcome them.  

So dress for lag and head on over to the B&B Fair.  Get your smexy on by nurturing your mind as well as your inner and outer Glam. 

(close up of the detail on G Field’s halter top…soooooo love G Fields!!)

Fashion details:  G Field “halter top” (turquoise); Mehndi “TopyStar jeans”, and OC “Melanie” shoes (blue)

Slurl:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Purgatory/67/175/2002


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