B&B Fair … Indie Rose

Play and a Beginner’s Mind are important aspects of my mental health routine.  Sometimes it’s an impromptu aspect of the routine, brought forth by its own will.  Other times I am quite intentional about challenging myself to step outside of what I know in order to play hide and seek with what I don’t know I don’t know.  That’s when creativity or surprise might show themselves…if only my mind is sufficiently enough like that of a beginner to see.  And even for those times when my preconceptions won’t budge easily, that’s okay.  Because in the play there’s still a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation, a sense of delight and surprise.  A sense of fun.

It’s all in the doing.  Even when it comes to something that might be perceived as very far removed from play:  fashion.  Even when it comes to combining what might be thought of as a wild hair style with the classically clean Indie Rose mini dress and jacket:

Personally, I love the look…sleek, wild hair, bald.  Any which way you choose to express yourself to release your sense of creativity and surprise.  Here’s the taxi to the Black & Blue Fair – Fashion for Mental Health Awareness, where you can pick up the delight of Indie Rose’s mini dress and jacket, a multitude of wonderful creations, while learning a great deal about mental health issues. 

And remember to play.  As my very wonderful dear friend said so, well, wonderfully (and as paraphrased by me):  play is good…so are caring and healing…because they all matter.


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