Black & Blue Fair … YS & YS

I just recently learned of the “Black & Blue Fair – Fashion for Mental Health Awareness,” which runs June 4th through July 3rd.  Although it’s not a charitable event, I signed up to write weblog entries about the fashion at the fair because it’s something I can get behind.  The importance of it resonates with me.  The purpose of this fair is primarily to de-stigmatize mental health issues by creating awareness about it in a familiar venue…in this case, a fashion event.  The event creators placed short visual aids among the fashion designs as a way to share information about all kinds of mental health issues and illnesses.  In a 140-character culture, the information is edited into a tight format to make it accessible and to encourage awareness and understanding about mental health.  The event organizers also created notecards that contain a general overview on a specific mental health issue.  Each notecard was reviewed by a psychologist for accuracy, and some of the very many designers include one of these notecards in their vendors.  The fashion at the B&B Fair are all brand new items, with all of them created exclusively for the fair and some offered at discounted rates.     

The landmark to the fair will be released by the event organizers in the next couple of days when the fair officially opens, and I’ll be certain to include it in the next weblog review when I receive it.  Until then, here’s a sneak peak of one of the fair’s many lovely items.  This gorgeous skin from YS&YS is called “Evelin Cat.”  One purchase of Evelin gives you a blonde hair base and brows, a red hair base and brows, a chignon in both the blonde and the red versions, as well as versions with or without a breast enhancer.


It’s a gorgeous skin…as is the hint of the top that I’m wearing, which is also available only at the B&B Fair.  I’ll preview the outfit more completely in the next couple of days.  

Meanwhile, always celebrate the most gorgeously beautiful fashion statement you make every day and that you carry with you all the time…your gorgeously beautiful mind.


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