SL’s Personal New Year

This coming week SL celebrates its 7th birthday and does so with the theme “Uncommon Collaborations.”  It’s so very fitting that Shenlei Flasheart, CEO of the Fashion Research Institute, will have an exhibit at SL7B.  Shenlei’s creative efforts and work with others have long epitomized uncommon collaborations.  As one of many examples, check out this writeup on a synchronous fashion show put on by Shenlei’s fashion interns during which they modelled their creations in FL while a virtual version modelled their same fashion inworld.   

Of her many successful endeavors with talented individuals and corporations both, I was proud to work with Shenlei when she envisioned the Shengri La Marketplace program.  For a year I curated the Marketplace, which was dedicated to finding and nurturing new and/or early emerging fashion designers, all of whom received guidance from Shenlei, herself a very successful fashion designer inworld and in FL.  Many of these collaborative relationships are still thriving, well into two years later.  Some of those collaborators who will showcase their work at SL7B include Shenlei’s student intern Missy Lavecchia, and Shengri La Marketplace alumni:  Misteria Loon creator of Pas De Deux fashion (highlighted extensively in this weblog), Yoona Mayo creator of Cocoon Jewelry, and Tiffy Vella creator of Eclectica Jewellery.

Happy personal new year to SL and really to all of us…the wonderful uncommon thinkers who make the world as fascinating, enriched, and vibrant as it is.   

The swimwear is a sneak peek of some of the wonderful creations you’ll see from Missy, Misteria, Tiffy, Yoona, and Shenlei.  The suit pictured here is “Aryana” from Missy’s White Queen line.