Fantasy Faire … Caverna Obscura

Today is the final day of the RFL Fantasy Faire, and so it seems somehow appropriate to close out my week-long weblogging of the event with Caverna Obscura’s “Dream Thief”…because it epitomizes the fantastical.  Because it’s gorgeous as all of the creations at the Faire are.  And because the name alone — Dream Thief — represents the tirelessness of all the event participants:  from vendors, webloggers, event organizers, performers, hosts to shoppers.  The really nice thing to learn is that all of these efforts have paid off.  When I logged inworld briefly this afternoon, I saw a Fantasy Faire group announcement that indicated more than 2 million lindens have been raised this past week.  That’s phenomenal.  Yet there’s always room for more, so if you haven’t yet picked up Dream Thief, head over quickly to the Via Obscurium sim and snap up this gorgeous creation. 

You will receive everything you see here, except the hair, which works so incredibly well with this magical creation.    

 “Dream Thief” comes with the elven shoes, the ribbon leg wraps, the ribbon wrist wraps, an overskirt of dangling glow lights to accent the petal mini, arm sleeves embellished with more dangling glow lights, the textured vest that overlays the top of the dress, and wonderfully shredded stockings.

Here’s a look at the equally gorgeous back:

After a hectic week of RFL Fantasy Faire activities, photographing/modelling, and weblogging packed in between my FL full time work, it seems more than appropriate for the closing photo to show me pausing to rest.

And looking fabulous even in repose…in “Dream Thief,” a magical RFL offering from Caverna Obscura. 

Fashion Slurl … Congratulations to everyone who pitched in to reach the more than 2 million lindens raised:

Caverna Obscura:  “Dream Thief” (a RFL offering)

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Faire … Caverna Obscura

  1. I love the outfit. 🙂 All the stuff you’ve posted from this fair has been great, but this is one of those things that gives me the feeling that it comes from a whole undiscovered world that’s out there waiting somewhere…

  2. I so completely agree…on every score!! I snapped this outfit up the minute I saw it from the very onset. And utterly agree with you…incredibly magical indeed 🙂

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