Fantasy Faire … *BOOF*

Not to be confused with BOOM!, *BOOF* is a shop that carries an assortment of fun gadgets and can be found in the Neko Industrial sim of the RFL Fantasy Faire.  I feature them today as the creator of *BOOF* dropped one of her RFL items to me, an outfit that is called “Relay for Life” appropriately enough!  The other item she dropped to me is a giant eating utensil that made me smile so much I just had to show them both.   And so here they are:


If you’re a pasta lover or a food lover for that matter, how could you not smile at that giant fork of food!  (The creator shared with me that *BOOF*’s main store has spaghetti hanging from the ceiling!  I didn’t inquire about her love for spaghetti…some things are simply a given.)  As for the outfit, “Relay for Life” is a sweet purple dress ensemble that comes with matching neko ears and tail.  The RFL graphic is etched along the hem of the skirt and also printed onto the base of the tail.  A very nice thing about this outfit is that it can be worn either as a dress or it can be worn on its own as a tank and shorts because the edging of each are finished. 

For those times when you’d rather not hint at being a walking billboard by wearing a logo (I admit not wearing logos is my preference), the tank and shorts alone make an adorable outfit.  Throw on a pair of sleek boots, fun stockings, and a tasteful bit of bling (something I forever adore) and you’re good to go!  Today’s the last day of the RFL Fantasy Faire so be sure to visit there if you’re interested and continue your incredibly appreciated efforts to help fund cancer research.

*BOOF*:  “Relay for Life” dress, neko ears and tail (a RFL vendor item)

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