Fantasy Faire … Luminous Designs

“Blossom Bliss” — a RFL offering from Luminous Designs — is perfectly suited for this time of year if the season you find yourself in is Spring.  With “Blossom Bliss” you reap the harvest of a well-manicured ensemble that overflows with a multitude of flowers…and options:  from a mini skirt, slanted skirt, long sheers to wings with flower emitters and wings with no emitters. 

In this entry, I show the long skirt.  I admit upfront that this was a difficult outfit to photograph against a green screen.  Coloring the green screen out was challenging.  Just know that Blossom Bliss reads more beautifully in person than I was able to achieve in the photographs.

When you wear Blossom Bliss, you’ll feel as if you woke up a bed of pink and white rose petals that cling to your every curve and that pour themselves gently down and around your bare legs.  The wings are a lovely continuation of this feeling, with delicate, soft swirls that accent the upper and lower most expanse.

Here’s a closer view of the wings and the back bodice…with the peek-a-boo waistline and upper hips caused by cascades of flowerettes that give the feeling they are tumbling along your body (even if they’re not).  All the skirt options do have an open kind of feeling to them.  By that I mean that they aren’t completely covered seam to seam.  Indeed, the intention was to produce an organic effect rather than a manufactured symmetry.  And the design delivers.

It was fun for me to run into Luminous Designs (LD) at the RFL Fantasy Faire, because LD participated for a bit over a year ago in the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace designer apprentice program.  It’s always fun to see what the apprentice participants are up to.   Do see for yourself by visiting Luminous Designs at the Via Obscurium sim and help everything come up roses in the cause to find a cure for cancer.

Fashion Slurl

Luminous Designs:  “Blossom Bliss” (a RFL offering)

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