Fantasy Faire … Evie’s Closet Reduex

There are some really talented designers who focus exclusively on mer fashion.  And there are those really talented few who create breathtaking designs for a number of cultures.  Enter Evie’s Closet and you’ll find not only her wonderful romantic fantasy and fae creations, but now you’ll also find absolutely stunning mer fashion.   “Nereida Mermaid” is the name of Evie’s entry into the genre.  Neredia is so incredibly beautiful it’s just mesmerizing.  Do note that Neredia is not a RFL offering, but when I spotted it at the RFL Fantasy Faire at Evie’s Closet I couldn’t resist.  I don’t think many would be able to.  Then after you purchase it and have it in your own closet, you’ll be astounded by how much bang you get for your lindens. 

Yes, Mermaid Bubbles are included in the Nereida ensemble if you choose to wear the bubbles attachment.  I happen to love them, but the outfit is spectacular either way.  And from all directions.  

So what do you get for your purchase?  More than a boatload.  Take a deep breath and repeat with me:  mermaid bubbles, mermaid top pants and socks, hip fins, upper arm fins, tail fins (including a middle tail fin), a gorgeous belt made of seashells and pearls, two elegant filigree bracelets (one for each wrist), a matching belly ornament, a crown, and even a mermaid AO!  

Here’s a closer look at the detailing.  The colors in the top echo the ocean’s rippling waters and are edged with a soft ruffing, which provides a playful juxtaposition to the exacting scales that lay with precision on the lower body.

As is always true with items from Evie’s Closet, her sense of design continuity is always so complete and thorough.  In Nereida, the top mirrors the shape and design of the seashells in the belt.  This photo (below) shows the exsquisiteness of the seashell belt, the gorgeous silver filigree bracelets and the equally intricate belly ornament.  The jewelry is so refined, that I know I’ll wear them easily in all of the world’s elements, not just the sea.

Overall, the entire creation is spectacular really.  I am so thrilled that Evie is now also creating breathtaking mer fashion.  She has such a meticulous eye, such a generous gorgeous hand that they fit, move, and look like a dream.  Because they really are that dreamy…from ocean blue (flotsam) to any color you choose.


Fashion Slurl

Evie’s Closet:  “Nereida Mermaid in Flotsam” (not a RFL offering, but available at the RFL Fantasy Faire)


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