Fantasy Faire … Curious Kitties

Curious Kitties is synonymous not only with Neko fashion but also with fantasy wear, the designs and colors of which really have the effect of transporting you to another dimension.  At first glance, their main shop provides ample illustration of the range of cultures that Curious Kitties caters to:  Neko, Drow, Fae, Goth, Urban and probably much more.  Their main shop is also quite huge (note, I didn’t say “laggy” because it’s not laggy…but it is quite “huge”), so when you do visit their main shop do plan to spend time there.  But now that Curious Kitties is participating in the RFL Fantasy Faire, you can get a taste of their wonderful creations by checking them out at the Faire.  There, you will see not only incredible range, but you’ll also see incredible craftsmanship and imagination.  To illustrate the point, consider their RFL offerings that I feature in this weblog entry, beginning with “Dark Elves Floral Dress.” 

The Dark Elves Floral Dress is almost an elaborate filigree body tattoo that lays whimisically along the torso and upper thighs.  The bodice design — with its swirling blues, purples, and soft notes of white and red flowerettes — conjures up a magical spirit that rises from the forest bed to dance upon a moon drenched sky.  The skirt portion (or silks) of the dress certainly adds to that imagery.  The belt of the skirt echos the elaborate swirls in the bodice and holds a sheer grey-white silk that at first glance and even second glance almost looks as if its really made of a fog-laiden light woven unto itself.

While the wings are a separate purchase, they are another RFL vendor item that you’ll find immediately next to Dark Elves Floral Dress.  The wings are called “Enchanted Fairy Wings”…and they really are.  These wings are so other-worldly, which is almost a strange thing to say in Second Life, but it’s true.  They seem to hold the deepest, richest purple sunsets in them, a color that moves and shifts ever so softly with each gentle flutter.  The color shift must be the result of the creator’s beautifully realized decision to place four sheer layers of wings — with slightly different but harmonizing hues — neatly on top of each other. 

As the butterfly wings gently move, so too do the colors.  The perfect hair to complete the look is found in Curious Kitties’ Nyanotech 09-1B Elementian hair (another RFL vendor offering positioned near the dress and the wings).  I wasn’t about to alter the designers’ vision of this mystical creature by making a different hair choice.  Usually I do put my own personality on things when it comes to fashion, but I just loved the branches in the hair and the butterflies attached throughout that I didn’t even think twice about it.  I just knew.  And I just know it to be so perfectly perfect and right.

And I just know that when you check out Curious Kitties and pick up any combination of their RFL vendor items, you too will add them to your list of favorite shops to check out on a regular basis.  As for now, travel the winds to the Fantasy Faire for this mystical ensemble with the added bonus of knowing that your purchases of these RFL offerings will help fund the cause to find a cure for cancer.

Fashion Details

Curious Kitties:  “Dark Elf Floral Dress”, “Enchanted Fairy Wings,” “Nyanotech 09-1B Elementian” hair (all RFL offerings)

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