Fantasy Faire…Galaxia

Galaxia is a wonderful shop that provides a glimpse into the future with its fantastical skins and fashion.  In this weblog entry, I show Cyborg Skin Masked because it is so remarkable and stunning.   But bear in mind that Cyborg Skin Masked is not one of Galaxia’s RFL offerings.  Instead, Galaxia’s RFL vendor carries a darker, more gun metal colored Cyborg skin sans the mask…in other words, the entire face in their RFL version is cyborg instead of just part of the face as I show here.  

I just love this Cyborg Skin Masked, from head to toe:

Here (below) is a closer view of the detail.  It’s really hard to believe this is a skin.  It carries itself with such a steely strength, but clearly one made of titanium…powerfully strong yet supple — almost liquid — and sleek.  Do note that the ears, tail, boots, and hair that I show with Galaxia’s skin are all items I have had in my closet for over a year now (except the hair which I just recently purchased).  But I paired the skin up with all of these accessories because — well — wow!  

 The entire look makes for one very hot Cyborg Neko…any way you look at it.  Front, side, back…

…or up close and personal.  The only thing I would note about this skin — well three things:  the wonderful futuristic design is carried through down to the feet (but you can’t see that with my boots on…just know that it does and it’s wonderful that it does), and the mouth on this skin must be fairly downturned because my shape always carries a friendly smile.  Even so, this skin does tend to turn the corner of the mouth down quite a bit.  And the eyelashes on the skin?  Those are drawn into the skin, nothing was added to create that effect.

If you want to seize the future purrrfectly by its tail, head on over to Galaxia in the Sector SciFi sim of the Fantasy Faire.

Galaxia: Cyborg Skin Masked (remember this version is not a RFL vendor although RFL vendors of another Cyborg skin, a Drow skin and others may be found at Galaxia)

If you’re interested in the ears and tail, I believe I picked them up at BlackHeart.

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