Fantasy Faire … Evie’s Closet

A designer so very much identified as a creator of romantic fantasy wear is Evie’s Closet.  There’s a reason for this.  Evie’s creations are dewy and ethereal…and downright gorgeously realized.  Consider “Avery,” one of Evie’s RFL Fantasy Faire offerings:

Avery is designed down to each and every detail, as is the case with all of Evie’s creations.  No element is overlooked or a throwaway.  Everything has a place…and as the saying goes, everything is decidedly in its place.  As an example, take a gander at the sumptuous spray of flowers that wrap along the bodice to the sides and back of the top.  Such a beautiful finishing statement to both the babydoll gossamer skirt as one option, or the delicately ruffled ballerina skirt as the second option (both of which are included in the ensemble).


And no fairy or fae is truly of the fantasy world without a set of wings.  In the case of “Avery,” Evie provides wings that are modest in size but grand in presence.  Their graceful transparent expanse look as though they are covered with a light and airy icing that works so beautifully with the other design elements to create an uplift in mood and heart.

Typically, I don’t think of shoes when I feel fae.  I know I will always prefer being shoeless.  But I have to admit that the ballet flats included in the ensemble are perfectly sweet.  They cast just the right note to cause the entire presentation to flow so effortlessly, so literally from head to wings to toe. 

If you haven’t already, do make sure to stop at Evie’s Closet and pick up “Avery.”  At the same time, it’s a wonderful feeling to know that your purchase will help fund the work to find a cure for cancer.  Talk about spreading some wonderful fairy magic that will one day be real.

Fashion Details

Evie’s Closet:  “Avery” (just one of Evie’s RFL offerings)



3 thoughts on “Fantasy Faire … Evie’s Closet

  1. Ahhhh, I will have to check! I found it months ago…I cannot remember where I picked up that wonderful hair (I agree that it really is amazing!). But I will check!

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